BLK Forest Ham at Fostering MusicJ Roger Davis new band, BLK Forest Ham, invited me out to their first gig together. This brought me to another new to me venue, Paradise Park in Cowansville, PA. BLK Forest Ham were playing at the Fostering Music Summer Shindig a stop on the Rock Done Right Tour by 97.7FM. The venue itself is situated about 10 miles outside of Kittaning, PA on a sizeable, beautiful property. The stage is part of a huge pavilion with bench seating for the crowd!

Fostering Music Mission Statement

Fostering Music is a charitable organization dedicated to enriching the lives of children currently in, or adopted out of, the foster care system, by providing musical instruments and quality music instruction in conjunction with local music stores. By partnering with local foster care agencies, we are able to identify the children in Western Pennsylvania with the greatest need.