ArticlesBiomechanimal and Sentinel Complex unleash “Crown of Glass”

Industrial Metal gets a creative shot in the arm with this new collaboration from the UK’s Biomechanimal and Sentinel, Crown of Glass“. After becoming acquainted through mutually remixing a track for Swarm (another like-minded UK act), both projects bring personality, individuality, and invention to a genre that is all to often mired in cliche`.


Biomechanimal posits that this track began it’s life in a far more black metal vein prior to sending the track to his collaborator. The huge, cinematic strings that open the track are a testament to that statement. It’s hard to tell where the work of Biomechanimal begins and Sentinel Complex ends, but that’s the thrill of collaboration. The DNA flows seamlessly. Visions of Game Of Thrones and medieval battle are quickly blinked out of existence with a booming bass drum sequence that guides a slinky, aggressive, and other-worldly synth right to the dance floor.

Oh yes, make no mistake. You can dance to this. But the dub-step elements and groove-metal ingredients vary the tempo enough to remind the listener that this is no retro-disco track. This song is what all good industrial metal should be – a journey with nuance, texture, and musical variety. Both artists supply lyrics that echo said black metal influence that began the song’s life.  The strings are all cinema. The guitars are heavy as hell when they’re there. But the beats are “Straight Outta Wax Trax”. KMFDM and Front 242 come immediately to mind when that kick drum drops. And boy, it’s delicious when it does!

Sentinel Complex

The most impressive thing about this song is that in a genre that is often too fascinated with it’s own tropes, neither artists takes the easy way. Mixing guitars with synths has been done for thirty plus years, and many industrial projects seem to lack this understanding. So what’s next? This track gives some very tasty possibilities. Is it familiar? Yes, absolutely. Just enough to grab you. But have you heard anything just like it? I’d venture to say not.

In a singles-driven market, bands are  challenged to make album-worthy statements in the time frame of five-minutes or less. Biomechanimal and Sentinel do that here in spades. The song four minutes and nine seconds of absolute adventure and anyone with a modicum of taste in any kind of heavier music is going to find much to love here. It’s ferocity and size are matched by it’s musical prowess, which elevates the tune above it’s given genre and creates it’s own. Check out the single on Spotify HERE, follow both artists, smash that save button.