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    Not your average “local” band! Big Atlantic is a modern day rock twist on a classic sound, mixing their favorite influences from Led Zeppelin to Stone Temple Pilots to create a unique and explosive sound that keeps the crowds begging for more. They are linked with shows from their recent appearance at the cool new Millvale Music Festival, opening for nationally known artists, and doing fun shows with local favorites. I got to spend an afternoon with these amazing guys and found out the intelligence behind the music as well as seeing them perform that night. Even though they roamed the streets of Millvale for hours, taking in sights and supporting other acts, they practically burnt the stage at The Good Time Bar down with the high energy performance you expect from a band of this caliber.


    Members of the band; Lee Caruso Jr. (Lead Vocals/Guitar/Manager), Jeff Brinkhus (Bass/Backing Vocals), Nicholas Hufnagel (Drums/Percussion), and Jim Zamerski (Keyboard/Guitar/Backing Vocals) form a dynamic group that harmonizes with an energy, onstage and off, that is effortless and obvious. Each member is individually a master of his own domain, with Jim taking part in the music with enthusiasm and interchangeable talent no matter which of his instruments he plays. Nicholas can be found maneuvering behind the drums like he was born to it, and a smile on his face the whole night, while Jeff tends to his bass like it’s his first love, a dreamy look in his eyes as he lends to the support of the music rather than allowing his sound to get lost in the music. The guy you’ll see tearing the stage up with fast moves and flying hair is none other than Lee. His passion for music is so evident the crowd is caught up in his action packed guitar playing as much as his clear and resonating vocals. They cater to the crowd by making them part of the show with fun interaction and personal messages about the original music they are playing. These four are mind blowing personalities on display as one of Pittsburgh’s top bands.


    Not settling for our local scene they often can be found reaching into other states and areas with plans for even more music to try to top the popularity of their latest and current albums, ‘TEMPERED’, ‘Motive’, ‘Motive Acoustic’ and ‘One Last Night’. They have produced videos such as “Verdict”, “Motive”,  “This Life” and their latest “TEMPERED Album Promo Video” in support of their latest release on 3/24/17. A link can be found at the bottom of this article to give you a taste of what you might have been missing. If you check out their bio the words “pure joy” can be found and I can personally say that having seen this band and checked out their videos you’re going to experience it. I’ve seen countless bands, it is after all my job, but there are few that completely blow me away… even to the point I had to remember I was there to take pictures and gather information. While the videos are well done, the live performance is something that is hard to put into words. I can tell you how packed the bar became just before they hit the stage as fans and friends crowded in for this show. I can try to describe the devilish grin on Lee’s face as he played the first note, slipping into a carefree mental state where nothing was on his mind but the feeling of the music they created. I can also try to explain to you how Nicholas laughed quietly to himself as he put out a driven beat that he knew he had perfectly mastered and obviously loved. In fact, there is so much I can tell it would fill pages trying to make you understand the way the crowd responded to these men who have mastered their art without losing their love of it… but I think you need to experience this for yourself. Big Atlantic is scheduled to headline their next show on  July 15th at the J-Town JAMfest in support of PAWSHOUSE Inc, a sanctuary for animals in Johnstown, PA.  If you can’t make it there you can find more shows on their web page at as well as finding their music on Spotify, Whatever you do, don’t miss checking these guys out! You might hurt something kicking yourself that hard for missing one of the best bands out there. Be sure to give them a like on Facebook too (for all you social media gurus) I know I’ll be catching the July 28th “Steel City Rock N Roll Showcase”  at Cattivo where they will team up with locals Horus Maze and Winter’s Descent and touring Philly rockers Holy Smoke.


You can find the event here:




TEMPERED Album Promo Video


This Life


Show Yourself


Mad House


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