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Jana Lee MachecaFebruary 3, 2022

Beyond Machines is an experimental metal band based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that are hitting the stages hard in 2022! Comprised of five musicians of various talents and backgrounds, these dudes make one hell of a sound when they come together. Formed in March of 2021, the band comprises of two lead singers, Matthew and Christian, two guitarists, Ian and Naval, and Benji on bass. You read that right, this band doesn’t have a drummer – and they don’t need one (though they are looking, FYI)! Using a computer for percussion and synth, along with the combination of both a seven string guitar AND bass, with two voices intertwining on top of the melodics, this music is a treat for the ears.

When asked, “What sets you apart from other artists in Pittsburgh / What makes you unique?” the guys came in strong with their answers! For starters, one of the founding members of Beyond Machines is a foreigner himself, bringing his talent from Mumbai, India to the streets of Pittsburgh. Each member brings talent from their pasts and their previous projects with varying experience and sounds, which makes for music that is never planned and is created moment by moment. They pride themselves on being a band that avoids playing covers of other artists and only plays what they create as a team. Their lyrics are driven by the idea that the meaning will be applicable to many types of people, and there is more than one way to interpret any of their songs. It doesn’t get more original than this!

Beyond Machines was built from the ground up with blood, sweat, booze, and teamwork. This is a group that should inspire other creatives to really put their nose to the grind and work toward their dreams. Now, it’s never easy to hit that mark. When the guys aren’t working their day jobs, they’re in that studio practicing or communicating with each other on what’s next. Some of the musicians in this band have years, even decades, of experience as part of successful bands in the past. If there are other budding musicians reading this, know that the experts here say you will be putting not just time and energy into your dream, not just stress and beating the days where you want to quit everything and walk away, but a lot of money ($10,000 – $20,000 to start) will go into your end goal if you really want to make it. That includes equipment, instruments, renting studio space, marketing, promoting and advertising, pushing social media, video distribution, paying photographers and videographers, artwork, merchandise, and more. “We are a group, just like anyone else locally, who has a ‘product’ that they want people to hear. And in this industry, you can’t do anything unless you have a ‘product’ and you get that product out there. And it takes a lot to get that product out.” Ultimately, the band’s goals are like any other dedicated artist: to progress forward and to expand their reach to people of all age ranges and all walks of life.

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Their first show of 2022 is at Casey’s Draft House on Carson Street, on Friday, February 11th! (Event here) Also look forward to their national direct support show with Jimmie’s Chicken Shack at Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh, on Saturday, June 4th! (Event here)

In addition, look forward to their video release of their single “Paranormal” coming February 3rd, followed by a full length album in the first quarter of 2022! (Pre-save link here)

Check out the interview below!