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Patrick McElravy2 years ago5576 min

Bastion's WakeLet’s face it, we live in a day and age where musically……..originality is hard to come by. That’s not saying bands don’t try to break the mold, but we live in a time where almost everything has been done and every genre has been mixed and matched to form a new sub genre. Every now and then you find a band that releases an album that creatively sticks out a little more than some and goes the extra mile. Today we look at Delaware cinematic metal duo Bastion’s Wake and their album “Sea Creatures and Sky Pirates”.

“Sea Creatures and Sky Pirates” is a melding pot of various genres. Low tuned guitars that groove and shred melodic cadences as beautiful string sections and keyboards build an atmosphere that rock the sea like Triton himself. Throughout the album there is definitely a unique, seafaring vibe these guys create that makes it quite the experience. From alternative metal to various flavors of symphonic metal, there is definitely quite the dose of ambience to go around paired with melodic, yet technical guitar solos. Then there is the vocals……where do I begin. If I had to gather up a comparison for the vocals on the album I would say Christina Scabbia (Lacuna Coil) and Layne Staley (Alice In Chains) would be an odd, but spot on comparison. Extremely dense, harmonious vocals with strained, remorseful crooning run the parade and definitely take center stage on this album. The emotional delivery behind the vocals really drive home the sound that Bastion’s Wake have created on this release.

Sea Creatures and Sky Pirates” is an album made to listen to from front to back. To further dive into the album, the tracks can be broken up into 2 categories: the heavy tracks and the ballads. A good place to start if you are new to the band is lead single “Claudia”. Grooving guitars and emotive vocals push and pull like the crashing waves in the ocean. I could even see Triton himself rocking out to this epic track. The harmony work amongst the vocals is absolutely gorgeous. Ballad “Alice Dieve” is an amazing track with an almost Celtic backdrop and repetitive vocal lines that almost hypnotize the listener. A very somber tune that will have you reaching for the closest box of tissues. One cannot ignore the powerhouse of a closer “The Broken”. Heavy stop-start riffs with its anthemic chorus will have you two-stepping and moshing in the living room. Aggressive vocals coupled with some sparse guttural screams really build the intensity as we listen to the band at their heaviest. A great tune to take the album out on a high note as it bleeds into the mournful and haunting l bonus track “Mothman”.

Be sure to keep tabs on this duo. Bastion’s Wake has a knack for extremely strong songwriting and this album is a testament to that. Be sure to pick up a copy today and catch them at a show near you. You won’t be disappointed, this duo has a lot of good things coming their way if they keep at it with material such as this album.

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