Band Overview – Voidhidden

Voidhidden released their self-titled ep on December 7, 2016. Formed in late 2016 with originals members of Andy, Ashton, Dillon, and Austin, josh has later joined as their second guitarist to make he band whole. The winter night skies tie into the stories behind their songs as well as their release date of their ep. “Mayflies” best suites the band in their progressive alternative style of music. The balance of uplifting melodies and a dark atmosphere bring the perfect balance of which is Voidhidden

They know exactly what to do with their live performances bringing the energy and power from the stage to the crowd. The band is a must see live and continues to strive to bring the best performance every time.

Make sure to check out Voidhiddens Facebook page to see where they’re playing next. You can pick up their EP here!



Also available on Spotify!

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