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OK, so “tragedy” might be too strong of a word, but there was certainly some bad luck flowing. We’ve all been the butt of an April Fool’s joke here or there, but what happens when the joke isn’t a joke?  Pull yourself up by the bootstraps and make things happen! On April 1st, the guitarist and bassist for the Wire Riots decided to quit the band over the phone. The next day, the drummer quit,...


Me: I’m here with Erika Laing of Working Breed Erika: Hi! Me: One of my new favorite bands! YAY! Erika: Awww! Me: I have actually gotten to see them a couple of times. I don’t know if Erika’s noticed me lurking in the shadows at the shows. (Laughter) Erika: This last one I remember seeing you. Me: Ah, yes this last one! Yes, I was there. Jeremy, your drummer, works on my project, as well,...


YES! I was one of the lucky ones that was invited to the Working Breed video release party for their single Turtle Race on December 14th at the Spirit Lodge in Lawrenceville. This was well worth the trip into the city and if you know me, you know I don’t do cities.  The video for Turtle Race was absolutely amazing – dark and brooding scenes of captivity interspersed with ironically brighter scenes of a marriage...


Me: We are here with Jordan from The Breathing Process. Start at the beginning. I know I’ve listened to some of your tunes, of course I’m a metalhead, so there’s that. Jordan: Awesome! Me: Good stuff. Really good stuff. Jordan: Thank you!  Me: You are very welcome! Tell us about the band. How did you guys get together? How did you guys get started? Jordan: Oh, Man! The whole rundown, huh? Me: The whole rundown...


Me: We are sitting here with some very delicious Mexican food after the gig with Unfinished Evolution, or at least three-fifths of it. We have Julia on vocals, Brandon on drums and Connor on guitar.  The other two band members, Pete and Logan, had other appointments unfortunately, so they missed all the fun.   It seems like every time I see you play live, it’s at the Smiling Moose so that must be your favorite...


Me: I am sitting here in Starbucks, yet again – story of my life, with Katie Simone, singer extraordinaire, voice for hire. Katie: (laughing) That’s right! Me: That is right. Katie and I met through Dave, because all things come through Dave. Dave Sykut is my audio engineer. Katie is actually singing on my project and I believe the first time you’ve attempted Heavy Metal. Katie: Heavy Metal of that nature, yes. When I was...


There is nothing I like more than seeing a young band come into their own. That’s exactly what’s happening with the up and coming Prog Rock band Unfinished Evolution. So far, I’ve seen them play times – twice last year and most recently on October 12th, 2018 at the Smiling Moose on Southside.  Every time I see them play, they get tighter and more polished. While that is generally supposed to happen with a band,...


Who is Katie Simone and why should you care? Only one of Pittsburgh’s best-kept musical secrets. Katie has been one of the most sought-after and recommended singers in the Pittsburgh area for quite some time. And she’s working on her first solo release! I have gotten to see Katie work her magic live twice recently, once in a cover band she’s in and once rocking her own material. This review is for her original material....

FAM is a Pittsburgh, PA based music media company that’s all about the personal, emotional and social experience of music. The internet is awesome for finding music – living it is better! We’re bringing you professional photos from shows, articles, videos and more to remind you that your weekend doesn’t have to be spent here in the virtual world but with people who have at least one thing in common with you – a shared taste for music. Music media has been done before, but we flipped the script and concentrate on the stuff you haven’t seen yet – the local and regional bands that aren’t just a name on a billboard and a face on a stage. You’re probably still going to find some national level stuff happening around the Pittsburgh area but that’s because when they come to town, they’re part of our family… and once upon a time they were a local band from somewhere.

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