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Find Your MUSE: HYDROGYN – Damaged Goods(Official Video)

We all been in those situations of where we either been in toxic relationships or tried to escape them. Due to everything experienced, we are labeled by current or future partners as damaged goods just because people don’t want to connect or emphasize with what we are feeling. That is what the latest banger by HYDROGYN explores in their video for their single “Damaged Goods”. They explore what it is like to be in that...

Find Your MUSE: Batavia – Scab Mask

“Is it just me or is it just getting crazier out there?” A line from Arthur Fleck in the Joker movie, and I feel is more and more fitting as the year draws to a close. It is feeling apocalyptical lately, and something that ia well represented in stark terms by Batavia in this video for their single “Scab Mask”. With hard hitting industrial beats, this song speaks of how we are fighting each other...

Find Your MUSE: After The Fall – Shut The World Out(Official Video)

Here we have the latest rocker from After The Fall for their single “Shut The World Out”!! I am sure by now, especially with everything going on after the election and with covid cases rising higher and higher, we all feel the need to just shut down and forget it all. But as the lyrics describe, if we do that, then how can positivity and love prevail. As downtrodden as you may feel, this is...

I’m An Alien – Year of the Glitch

For those who seek music on a different level, I’m An Alien arrives with a new album “The Year of the Glitch”. Comprised of two members, the mysterious Gigtus who is lead vocalist and guitarist, and Brandon Dotson on bass and drums. With their spacey rock sound, as the name almost suggests, you would think this was something produced by aliens. It is something we didn’t know we even needed until it happened, and the...

Find Your MUSE: End Bringer – The Used

Out of the shadows, hardcore metal band End Bringer steps for with their single “The Used”. You may not be aware of them now, but you will definitely be hearing more from them in the near future. This song is short, to the point, and brutal to the max. It will leave you with a voracious appetite for more. And if it’s more you want, more you shall get. The band recently got signed to...

Nocion “The Grave” – A Look at the Lyrics

Let’s dive into this sludgy, hard rock song and get to the bottom of what it all means.  Curtain Call Records recording artists Nocion are based in San Juan, Puerto Rico formed in 2001.   “The Grave” talks about the spoils of war, mostly the death of young, innocent children whose voices can’t be heard, mostly b/c of their age (babies). The Grave They made their graves Deaths in vain They killed them all A...

VERSION 5 “Absolute Zero”- A Look at the Lyrics

On this week’s A Look at the Lyrics, we have an Electro-Punk-Rock band hailing from Minneapolis. Follow along as Andy of VERSION 5 gives us the meaning behind Absolute Zero. Enjoy the ride. We were inspired to write the lyrics after a few all-night caffeine and alcohol-infused writing sessions in the heart of a bitterly cold Minnesota winter. The vibe of the song had a Space-rock feel to it. We thought it’d be cool to...

Wicked Earth “Light the Shadow”- A Look at the Lyrics

Wicked Earth – “Light the Shadow” “Light The Shadow is about the Spirit of 1776. A modern interpretation is the awakening of men to the political powers that be, that doesn’t necessarily have our best interests at heart. This song represents spreading the message of freedom and keeping that fire of liberty alive in us, so that we may endure in this great country, recognizing when the elite are trying to own us through their...