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Behind the Scene: An Interview with Patrick McElravy of Brutal Business Ent.

The music industry is a lot more than just rowdy bands playing their hearts out and swilling cheap beer at their local music venues. Despite the glamour associated with the “live fast, go to work hungover tomorrow” attitude of many in the underground, many people are behind the scenes making sure there are events to play and audiences to play for. A lot of these movers and shakers have just as much enthusiasm for working...

Arlo McKinley Strikes Gold On “Die Midwestern”

Country music is just about every music fan’s favorite genre to dismiss and mock. If one listens to the modern country radio, they can easily understand the hatred and most likely join in on it. One of the oldest genres in modern music has fallen far from its roots and is barely recognizable in its modern incarnation. If you dig long enough you will find that there are still modern country artists that sound closer...

Escape With Me By Elisa Duwez

Occasionally something very interesting finds its way to the writing desks of First Angel Media. For instance, a new song from a French vocalist. No, not someone who just got their DNA test back and is now wearing berets and correcting everyone on their pronunciation of the word crepes. An actual artist based in France with new material to be looked. A chance to review material from an artist of another artist is certainly a...

NeverWake’s Third Annual SleepWalker Ball: Entertainment For A Worthy Cause

The Halloween season is one of many traditions; candy, costumes, goth kids drinking cheap beer while trying to summon Satan in a graveyard and of course NeverWake’s SleepWalker Ball. The third annual rendition of the latter was held this Saturday at the Hard Rock Café in Station Square. The Ball featured live music, a costume contest and the raffling of a guitar autographed by the bands that was generously donated by Schecter Guitar Research. As...

The Crucible Project & Twist of Fate Give Fans a Treat in Time for Halloween

As the sun set over Millvale this past Saturday the Funhouse at Mr. Smalls filled with witches, ghouls, goblins, steam punks and more otherworldly beings. What was the impetus for such gathering you may ask? Why, none other than the latest collaborative effort by The Crucible Project and Twist of Fate Productions. The all ages event was a Halloween themed show that saw four bands perform for costumed fans young and old. Opening the show...

Jay Trainer Band, “A Whisper of Ruin”

Are you a fan of blues rock? Do you often find yourself looking for guitarists who can use a wah pedal for more than just making pornographic movie theme songs? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, then The Jay Trainer Band may very well be what you are looking for. The band’s latest release “A Whisper of Ruin (Deluxe Edition)” is a fifteen-track album with a lot to offer. A Whisper of...

Alchemy in Waves (2nd Anniversary Edition) by Icons of Industry

In a world full of synthesizers, auto-tune and drum loops it can be very easy to buy into the worn-out saying of “rock is dead”. Texas outfit Icons of Industry prove the exact opposite on their latest effort Alchemy in Waves (2nd Anniversary Edition). The Ep is a showcase of solid rock n’ roll through in through, beckoning back to the likes of Cream, Steppenwolf and Led Zeppelin while simultaneously remaining fresh and modern. The...

Malander’s Eclectic Debut ”Word’s Unspoken”

When a band describes themselves as “progressive grunge rock with metal, punk, blues, jazz and mathcore influences” it leaves a lot to the imagination as to what exactly that combination of influences results in. Is this a band that sounds like Cobain fronting a jazz quartet with a denim clad thrash guitarist cranking a Randall amp and screaming about algebra? In the instance of Baltimore, MD rockers Malander Words Unspoken,the answer to that question is...