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Hayley and Josh Celebrate New Album

In August, Hayley Dailey had told me how she and Josh were planning to close out October with a show/CD Release party with their bandmates for their most recent record, The Hayley and Josh Album. The 11 tracks had been released during Covid and did not get near the amount of traction they deserved. Having already heard some of the songs, I immediately decided I would go. Not just to support my friend and local...

Crash Army Liberates New Single, “Happy Never After”

Crash Army, a local rock band, seems to be fresh to the Pittsburgh music scene. When I say fresh I mean I couldn’t find the individual names of these folks anywhere. Bandmates Corey Barr, Mike Dixson, and Josh Christner have been busy booking shows and are currently working on a second album and finding a record label. The band recently released “Happy Never After“, a single that reminds me of classic grunge, from their album...

Mark Dignam Creates Masterpiece, “Angels of Mercy”

When I took on the review for Mark Dignam’s song, “Angels of Mercy”, I knew it was going to be great but I didn’t know it was going to be such a preeminent ballad. The song has an abrupt beginning that lovingly drowns you in a harmony of light and sorrow. From the moment you press play, you’re transported into a worldly experience of beautifully written, dark but poetic lyrics and angelic-rock with echoes of...

Tyler Cantrell Drops Sick Instrumental Album, Enigmatic!

  If you don’t yet know who Tyler Cantrell is, you probably should. The Solo artist, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, picked up the guitar at age 10 and practically hasn’t put it down since. Tyler has also been the lead guitarist in the metal band Haxon, since 2016. The musician started his own ventures in the scene with his Ep, “As Above, So Below” and Ep, “Color into Space“; However, Enigmatic, co-produced by Chris Bollinger, is his...

The Dead Daisies

Honestly, when I heard the first line of “Chosen and Justified” by The Dead Daisies, I immediately took the review onto my plate. What I wasn’t ready for, was how amazing the song and this band in general, actually are! Once I heard this song and watched the visual, I kept asking myself why I was even writing this; I didn’t think I could have anything else to add! The experience truly speaks for itself!...

Everture releases Debut Album, “Emerge”!

                Everture, an overwhelmingly amazing, melodic, metal band from Finland, is done with their two year project, debut album, “Emerge”! The record was set to be released on March 19th of this year (2021). This five piece Finnish band has hardcore metal qualities, that are rooted in harmonious energy. The band took form back in 2015, consisting of Matti Hautakangas as main axe man, Oskari Niskala rocking the back up...

Erudition- The First Chapter

          Recently a unique, alternative-rock band called Erudition has been gaining ground. The band was constructed in Bolivar, New York and involves three talented musicians Josh Wells, Justin Sabel, and Shawn Chase – who have created a lot of tracks together. Managed by Shariff James, fronted by Josh who also plays lead guitarist, with Justin on bass and Shawn sounding the drums, they say that “each song we write is a...

Some Faith releases new EP, “A Lesson In Patience”

     Some Faith is a Pittsburgh darkwave/ synth-pop Duo that started to take shape in August of 2019, when poet, vocalist Indigo Baloch sent over lyrics to the tracks that busy, producer Brian Sikes Howe had sent over. Indigo is the founder of the Black Cat Market and is on the board for the Mr. Roboto project while Brian is the front man for metal band, GreyWalker and rap-rockers Normal Creatures, works at Get Hip...

9 Stich Method releases NEW single- “Safe Haven”

We first saw 9 Stitch Method claw their way into our hearts about three years ago with their full length album, Life After You. Since then, their existence and atmosphere has grown! The progressive, alt metal band; now signed with Brutal Business Entertainment; is ending this savage year with the release of an almost equally savage track. I’m new to their music but instantly loved their sound and I think everyone would have to agree...

Feast on the Fallen is killing it!

Feast of the Fallen is back on the Pittsburgh Zombie-core scene with their E.P, S.C.A. and the release of their single “Wastemorland”! The teaser for the five track album was released on the 14th and had all of us Feast fans famined for more. I was personally first introduced to Feast when they performed for the Depression: The Nightmare Before Christmas, a benefit show that I attended with First Angel Media in December, 2019. I...