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Blood of the Beloved and The Death of Zenith, a grunge-metal collaboration that’ll leave you “Haunted”

Blood of the Beloved has released its latest brain-shocking, grunge track featuring The Death of Zenith on April 29. “Haunted” is another addition to the various genres that the group has explored through its singles and band features in other works.  A dark, soul-searching vibrato is accompanied by weighty instrumentals and horror-esque synths in this five-minute song. It gives listeners a fresh look at how Blood of the Beloved can conquer any style of the...

Emzy Enzy Collabs with Blood of the Beloved in the Intense Metal Single “I Want All My Garmonbozia”

Music is one of the greatest reflections of society through the ages and can be used to perceive societal trends at the time of release. This much is true for the experimental industrial-metal band, Emzy Enzy, with their new track “I Want All My Garmonbozia” featuring Blood of the Beloved. “I Want All My Garmonbozia” is the second official release from First Angel Media’s new label, Solunar Records. The dark track follows the release of...

Sarah Halter Embraces Dark Modern-Metal with “A Clockwork Destiny”

One of the coolest things about local music is getting the chance to hear unique, original music before the artist is known; it’s like a little secret that you get your hands on first. This incredible little secret comes in the form of A Clockwork Destiny, the haunting beautiful, modern-metal, two-track single by Sarah Halter was released on Oct. 29.   Halter first came into the music scene with their solo acoustic EP release titled Little...

Harry Styles dazzles sold-out show at PPG Arena for Love On Tour

Back in 2011, the boyband, One Direction, took the world by storm with their hit song “What Makes You Beautiful.” Now ten years later, fans are hearing that same song on October 14 in the packed PPG Paints Arena. However, instead of hearing five voices, they only hear one. That voice comes from the world-famous singer, Harry Styles.  Styles was one of the five boys a part of one of the biggest boybands in the...

Red Eleven gives listeners a high-powered message of forgiveness with single “Before I Fall”

A lot of bands take on an emotional, true-life outlook when it comes to writing music. For Red Eleven, their music is an overflowing outpour of the true situations and movements of life, especially with their latest moody single, “Before I Fall.”  Red Eleven is a hard-rock band out of Finland ready to make an influence on the rest of the world. They’re currently working on their fourth album, “Handled With Chaos,” but along the...

Skylar Astin: Still “Pitch Perfect” With Debut Single “Without You”

Nothing says summertime like a song that lets you escape into a paradise of sunshine with the person you love most right by your side. That’s what actor Skylar Astin’s debut single, “Without You,” is all about.  Astin is known for his acting and singing in movies like Pitch Perfect, TV shows such as Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, and even for his role on Broadway in the original cast of Spring Awakening. Now, he’s breaking out...

UK Modern-Metal, Skarlett Riot, Stay Undefeated with “Invicta”

For decades people have overlooked and underappreciated women in metal bands, but powerful modern-metal band, Skarlett Riot, destroys any weak stereotype of a metal frontwoman with its latest album, “Invicta”. Skarlett Riot is a UK-based band featuring female lead singer, Skarlett. The band twists the genres of pop and metal to generate their sound. This sound is inclusive to both hardcore-metal fans and modern-rock fans. Skarlett’s light vocals are backed by heavy, intricate guitar by...

LGBTQ+ Fronted Pop-Metal, Fallen Stars, Announce Album “Execution”

Fallen Stars is a pop-metal band from Vancouver that is adding a new voice to the metal community with their LGBTQ+ frontwoman. The band has announced their album “Execution” which will be released on June 18. The album features a plethora of anthems for any type of listener backed by mighty vocals and a four-person, collaborative, and well-blended instrumental band. The band prides itself on its support for the queer community as well as its...

“SOS 2020” Brings Together Over 60 Artists for Relief to Local Venues

A song performed by over 60 artists from over 27 bands, SOS 2020 is a call for help in the middle of a pandemic as well as an anthem of hope across the music community of Pittsburgh. Even with the approval of the Save Our Stages Act, there is an immediate need for funds for Pittsburgh’s venues as has been seen with the closure of The Rex Theatre from the coronavirus pandemic. When it comes to...

“Black and Grey” – An Interview with Brazilian Metal Band, StormSons

Metal music in Brazil may not be the first thought for metalheads, but the Brazilian metal band, StormSons is working to rock a storm around the world, starting with their latest release “Black and Grey”. The band takes influences from southern and stoner metal. Their sound is raw and heavy with hits of harmonic melodies over top. It’s definitely a sound that combines old roots of metal with the new twists being heard today. It’s...