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Roger Romero is a man of the sax. During his solos, the twenty-six-year old goes into a zone, becomes a part of the soundscape. His tight dark curls form a tidy mop that springs as he gesticulates, his horn like another limb of his body. Behind his clear-framed glasses his eyes are shut tight. His fingers fly, rippling the muscles in his forearms. You can see that he is feeling his way around the space...


Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” Here is a man that is famous for his 19th century philosophical musings on nihilism, yet many don’t know that he suffered great pain and mental illness throughout his life, severe migraines from childhood, psychiatric disturbances, and depression. Fewer still know that one of the ways he coped with these obstacles was...


Kechi is a smile. Kechi is a laugh. She is a voice, a lyric, a message. She shares hope, demonstrates strength, and manifests bravery. Her charisma emanates from her core like an infectious melody. Around her, you will sense ease, peace, and tranquility. Once you’ve met her for two seconds, the last thing you will ever consider are the scars that mottle her face and body. Her story is one of a transformation of faith,...


Her voice is soft but confident in the way of a purposeful young woman on the cusp of adulthood, “I’ve always known that I definitely have to do something with music.” That’s seventeen-year-old Maleena Dominick, the fresh-faced, pink-haired bassist that holds down the groove for Pittsburgh-based power-pop rock band, Chip & The Charge Ups. Her musical nature runs in her blood, inherited from her father, Chip Dominick, the lead singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter for...

FAM is a Pittsburgh, PA based music media company that’s all about the personal, emotional and social experience of music. The internet is awesome for finding music – living it is better! We’re bringing you professional photos from shows, articles, videos and more to remind you that your weekend doesn’t have to be spent here in the virtual world but with people who have at least one thing in common with you – a shared taste for music. Music media has been done before, but we flipped the script and concentrate on the stuff you haven’t seen yet – the local and regional bands that aren’t just a name on a billboard and a face on a stage. You’re probably still going to find some national level stuff happening around the Pittsburgh area but that’s because when they come to town, they’re part of our family… and once upon a time they were a local band from somewhere.

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