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Feralcat Finds Footing as Bona Fide Frontman

Roger Romero is a man of the sax. During his solos, the twenty-six-year old goes into a zone, becomes a part of the soundscape. His tight dark curls form a tidy mop that springs as he gesticulates, his horn like another limb of his body. Behind his clear-framed glasses his eyes are shut tight. His fingers fly, rippling the muscles in his forearms. You can see that he is feeling his way around the space...

‘Saved by the Scene’ Promotes the Healing Power of Music

Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” Here is a man that is famous for his 19th century philosophical musings on nihilism, yet many don’t know that he suffered great pain and mental illness throughout his life, severe migraines from childhood, psychiatric disturbances, and depression. Fewer still know that one of the ways he coped with these obstacles was...

Kechi is a Smile

Kechi is a smile. Kechi is a laugh. She is a voice, a lyric, a message. She shares hope, demonstrates strength, and manifests bravery. Her charisma emanates from her core like an infectious melody. Around her, you will sense ease, peace, and tranquility. Once you’ve met her for two seconds, the last thing you will ever consider are the scars that mottle her face and body. Her story is one of a transformation of faith,...


Her voice is soft but confident in the way of a purposeful young woman on the cusp of adulthood, “I’ve always known that I definitely have to do something with music.” That’s seventeen-year-old Maleena Dominick, the fresh-faced, pink-haired bassist that holds down the groove for Pittsburgh-based power-pop rock band, Chip & The Charge Ups. Her musical nature runs in her blood, inherited from her father, Chip Dominick, the lead singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter for...

The Katie Simone Episode

Stunning vocalist Katie Simone joins Petticoat Rule to talk about her insane schedule as a full time working musician, splitting her time between original solo work, weekend cover gigs, weddings, coaching, and, of course, practicing… as well as a bit of fun thrown in at open stages and karaoke! She also wows us with her unbelievable ‘siren’ call, and explains her perspective on the differences in attitudes towards women between the original music and cover...

The Dinosoul Episode

Transcendent duo Donny Donovan and Carolyn Hilliard join Petticoat Rule to talk about their spiritual journey crafting the sound of their dark-wave indie band, Dinosoul. We also hear about developing a relationship with management, their interest in promoting sober spaces for their shows, and the power of setting intention. SPOTIFY: The Dinosoul Playlist CREDITS: Intro/Outro Tunes created in collaborative segment with Donny, Carolyn, Erika, and Tara using a Korg Kaossilator Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer. This project...

The Cindy Howes Episode

Radio host Cindy Howes from 91.3 WYEP stops by Petticoat Rule to talk about how she became an influential woman in broadcasting, the effects of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, and about the art of interviewing. We also hear about her best celebrity encounters (and near-encounters!), as well as her early days as an award winning member of her school’s Sheep Club! SPOTIFY: The Cindy Howes Playlist CREDITS: Intro/Outro Tunes created in collaborative segment with...

The Chloe Wiecz Episode

Jazz singer-songwriter Chloe Wiecz joins Petticoat Rule to share a beautiful story about her emotional and spiritual journey through musicianship, and her extraordinary mentor experience with the late Geri Allen. She is also hilarious, as you will hear all about her hot dog sculptures, sick rhymes, and that one time she resourcefully used a stick in the mud for a pen. SPOTIFY: The Chloe Wiecz Playlist CREDITS: Intro/Outro Tunes created in collaborative segment with Chloe,...

The Morgan Erina Episode

Singer-songwriter Morgan Erina joins Petticoat Rule to talk about the ups and downs of mental health issues and musicianship; her muses Sinead O’Connor, Delores O’Riordan, and Chester Bennington; and how she’s really an old-school romantic at heart. We also hear a brand new song, her first in a period of writer’s block, and she invites the listeners to help her name it. SPOTIFY: The Morgan Erina Playlist CREDITS: Intro/Outro Tunes created in collaborative segment with...

The Casey Hanner Episode

Pop songwriter Casey Hanner from the Pittsburgh-based band Donora joins Petticoat Rule to talk about the experience of being on the Rostrum Records label, hearing her tunes in movie and TV placements, and being a new mom and releasing a new album at the same time. We also chat about her techniques for teaching vocals, her super cool robotic music summer camp class, and her interest in crafting country music. SPOTIFY: The Casey Hanner Playlist...