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Winter’s Descent Conducts Chaos with “Black Magic Symphony”

Released in early February, Winter’s Descent comes out swinging again with an even heavier hitting single, “Black Magic Symphony” that showcases so many strands of growth from these Pittsburgh native headbangers. The track starts off with a killer bass and cymbal groove that washes into the main riff, and you’re instantly on the ride of a life time. Crunchy guitar, hard hitting drums riddle the verses with drive and intent, and if that wasn’t enough,...

Step Inside with “Welcome to Rehab”

Newley formed record label Rehab Musik just released a compilation album called Welcome to Rehab and it definitely feels like a look inside a world that they, as a whole and as individuals, genuinely live in and represent. These songs feel like letters from our younger-selfs and advice from our older-selfs at the same time, and speak to a generation full of strife and confusion. Depression, recovery, love, loss, determination, and fighting for everything we have are...

Smoke Rising – Stoner Podcast Shines Light on Local Bands

The West Coast hosts a quickly growing online podcast called Local Band Smokeout. Its’ host BG, is just what you would expect from a video podcast host from in the West Coast; a  dude with a cool attitude,  a heavily tattooed pothead with an obvious passion for local and lesser known bands and artists from all over the country, even international acts. Now with 25,000+ followers, almost 3,000 episodes, platforms in the U.S, Canada and...

Whitney Peyton’s Return to the Vortex

Whitney Peyton made her return to The Vortex in Akron, Ohio this past Friday. For guests coming to see her, artists preparing to perform, and workers preparing for the busy evening it was going to be quite a memorable event. Artists on the bill for the night were Mettal Maffia, HB the Grizzly, Bella J, Casey Xans, Bolic, The Knightheart, Ducky, Big Toke, and Uncle TJ. Let me tell you everyone was excited for this...

One Hell (in a Cell) of an Event; Two Nights of Live Music

The events of Hell in a Cell night one and two were amazing from beginning to end. From the artists, to the crowds, promoters, and to those tending the bars and other staff. Friends that were like family and bonds that last forever; that’s what the music scene here in Northeastern Ohio is made up of. Night one of Hell in a Cell took place at The Outpost Concert Club and headlining that night was...

Skies of Terra Release “Salt of the Earth”

What up fam! It’s the Denman here comin’ atcha with a fresh review. Today, I am reviewing a new song from the band Skies of Terra. If you don’t know them, you definitely need to check them out. They have put out some quirky, funny videos and make you laugh, but let me tell you, my brothers can make some kick-ass music! The new song is called, “Salt of The Earth”, and it is a...

Oil City Gets a Taste of Hellfire

Last Saturday marked the second stop on what will eventually be a full-length version of The Hellfire Tour 2022. “Blood Harvest” was a multi-genre event, with everything from Metal to EDM to Hip-Hop sharing the stage of this historic building in downtown rustic Oil City. Massive windows on the upper level of the National Transit Building adorned a view of the old style community below, as several artists and others in attendance came together in...

Undead Traditions; Resurrection Island Tattoo Convention

Tattoos have been an age old tradition in a multitude of cultures all over the world and have not only lasted the test of time, but evolved to mind blowing levels of skill and passion from technology to technique. They have belonged to the outcasts, outlaws, and misunderstood of society for the better part of this past century but have slowly become more prevalent and accepted in everyday conversations and work forces. Resurrection Island Tattoo...