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Music Makes Me – Devo

Last week I introduced you to an up and coming young Reggae singer from Jamaica. This week we are taking a trip back to a place in time where we weren’t men, but we were Devo. Those of you who were appreciating music in the early 70’s will probably remember that phrase. The “Sextet Devo”, more commonly known as just plain Devo, was formed in 1973.  The band’s original lineup consisted of 6 people but more...

Sounds from The Vortex

Saturday July 24, 2021 a variety of acts came together to perform at the Vortex in Akron, Ohio thanks to Dread Metal Promotions in collaboration with several other acts from the Erie, PA area. Our newest concert photographer, David J. Huthmaker caught every memorable moment at this event! Check out the artist pages, their music and photos from the show! MadClock  HeartAttack Kid  Lil’ Marie  Dead Rappers Society Sean Forrest Fog

MadLife Podcast – Ep. 3 (Patrick McElravy)

Sitting down with Patrick McElravy of Seethe, Brutal Business Entertainment, 9 Stitch Method, Marion Drain Project and… about 300 or so other projects, collaborations. As you can tell, getting this man to sit down for an interview can be tough, so it was great to have the time to talk with him about how he juggles work and life along with insight to the mind of a very talented vocalist and business owner.    

Royal Honey Sweetens Up 2021 with “Cut N Run”

Pittsburgh natives “Royal Honey” release “Cut N Run”, the long awaited new single that rocks, rolls, rattles and shakes. Instantly you’re brought into their classic sound; the steel city grit and attitude fueled riffs and groovy, busy bass lines accompanied by ripping Bon Scott-esque vocals. The verses groove and crank a tube amp distortion that takes you back to the late 70’s and early 80’s, and the chorus slides into this singable, fist raising, howling...

Winter’s Descent Gives “Fortune” to 2021

With February coming to a close, Winter’s Descent released “Fortune“, a heavy hitting, triumphant, and bold new single. Opening with a time-tested fast palm muting guitar riff, “Fortune” immediately throws you into your seat while you bang your head and pump your fist. It’s verses are filled with poetic descriptions of an overtaking, long overdue. The use of multiple styles of vocals from gritty to clean vocals, and from chants to screams, keep the song...