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Music Makes Me – Elliana Koulouris

Unlike other singers I have come to know, I probably would not have encountered this young talent if I hadn’t heard her mother, Wendy Koulouris, sing in the band the Sweet Judys. After covering that band I started following the group and its singers as I often do with most bands I cover. A couple years after I first heard the Sweet Judys, I saw Wendy post about her daughter, Elliana, performing. I saw a...

Music Makes Me – A Capella

It’s hard for me to pick just one thing to focus on when I am checking out a new band. Some bands I am captivated by the lead guitarist and how they are able to capture the crowd with their amazing guitar riffs. Anyone that saw Van Halen in concert would undoubtedly have to say that Eddie Van Halen was arguably one of the top 10 guitarists of all time. I could talk about every...

Music Makes Me – Heaven Awaits Me

As you read last week, the one-year anniversary of the Music Makes Me Facebook group just recently passed. It’s been a great experience running that group and if you want to read more, check out last week’s article. I’ve featured a vast array of genres from all over the world. In the last few months, I’ve spotlighted Christian artists of all different types on Sundays. I’ve enjoyed doing that and look forward to sharing someone...

Music Makes Me – Anniversary

As I’m sure you know, I have a Facebook group named “Music Makes Me” that I post a daily music video along with my weekly First Angel Media article. This Facebook group is coming up this week on its one-year anniversary. I can hardly believe it myself. One of the things that I have attempted to do during that time is to not repeat an artist that I have featured in earlier weeks. As you...


I knew when I first heard Sourloon perform live and they covered a Jethro Tull song that I was going to become a fan of their music. I’ve not only seen this band perform many times, but they have become friends. I was excited to hear a couple months ago that an album was on the way and just recently was privileged to be the first person to buy it. I can’t talk about the...

Music Makes Me – Life

Last month’s playlist, Romeo and Juliet, was for the month of February and those that celebrated Valentines Day. Ironically I created this month’s playlist over a year ago and titled it Life. The last couple of weeks have been a bit crazy in my life and as some of you may have noticed I’ve not had an article in three weeks. But I am back again today and hopefully fully back in the saddle. It...

Devin Russian

Sometimes it takes a challenge to motivate us to do something we may not have done otherwise, and so it was with Pittsburgh singer/songwriter Devin Russian. Russian routinely plays at the open mic at the Starlite Lounge in Blawnox, PA. If you have a real good memory, you may remember an article about his open mic from last year.  One evening another open mic player, Wild Bill, challenged the musicians to write a song about...

Music Makes Me – Convictions

Most week’s my Music Makes Me article is pretty light. For example some of the recent week’s articles have been about music genres that are a little different. This week I discovered a band named Convictions who are a Christian Metal band. Obviously most bands’ lyrics are based on something in their real lives. Convictions is no exception. A lot of their songs deal with the struggles of so many of us. The first Convictions...

Music Makes Me – Romeo & Juliet

Last February’s monthly playlist was titled “Love Songs?”. It had romantic love songs like “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood, “I Hope” by Gabby Barrett and “Love Hurts” by Nazareth. Obviously it was meant for those of us that were not celebrating the Valentine’s holiday for one reason or another. This year the playlist title “Romeo & Juliet” would lead you to believe it’s for lovers, but that was not the case. This month’s playlist...

Music Makes Me – Bat Out Of Hell

I woke up Friday morning to the sad news that one of the artists of my youth had died the night before. Michael Lee Aday, better known by most as Meat Loaf, died at the age of 74 surrounded by his wife and daughters. My first exposure, like many of us, was to his Bat Out Of Hell album but that was not his first and was not going to be his last in his...