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Creature Feature #3

EventsCreature Feature #3

September 15, 2021
Creature Feature #2

EventsCreature Feature #2

September 8, 2021
Creature Feature

EventsCreature Feature

September 1, 2021


We All Lay in Silhouette Death’s Grave

You walk into a cemetery.  There’s a fog so thick, it’s almost cliché`.  A lonely, vengeful, smiling face greets you from behind one of the tombstones.  You’re frozen, chilled, and frightened beyond movement if ghosts and that kind of thing get to you, but ultimately the two of you sit down for a conversation about love, loss, and life and you realize that the face isn’t scary.  It’s just loved, lost, and lived just like...

Casketmaker Pulls Out the Body Bags on “To Death”

Heavy music has always been like a drug.  The more you have, the more you need, and the harder it gets, the more difficult it is to find anything hard enough.  But the true legends are always the ones who can redefine extremity and broaden the sonic spectrum it can exist in. Casketmaker is one of those bands who comes along and redefines what brutal and extreme metal can be; both creatively and sonically. Their EP,...

Rattle, Clack!  Jazz Byers and Sean Nestor Create a Life of Creation.

Some music is meant to be universal.  While it’s common in our scene to get bogged down in subgenres and “cores”, sometimes one needs to make space in their musical catalog to connect to a higher truth than that.  Music such as this knows no genre, no subgenre, and ultimately, no scene.  It isn’t concerned with Spotify algorithms and it doesn’t care what box it fits in. Enter hALF wHEEL.  The band takes it’s name...

Biomechanimal and Sentinel Complex unleash “Crown of Glass”

Industrial Metal gets a creative shot in the arm with this new collaboration from the UK’s Biomechanimal and Sentinel, “Crown of Glass“. After becoming acquainted through mutually remixing a track for Swarm (another like-minded UK act), both projects bring personality, individuality, and invention to a genre that is all to often mired in cliche`. Biomechanimal posits that this track began it’s life in a far more black metal vein prior to sending the track to...