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Pressure Release Second Story-Album

Rock and Roll and Storytelling have gone hand in hand for a long time.  Some of the greatest rock records of all time (Tommy, The Wall, The Downward Spiral) have all been based around narratives that highlight the extremities of the human condition.  In a singles-driven market, that’s harder and harder to do.  But that doesn’t stop bands like Sweden’s innovative yet affectionately old-school rockers, Pressure. The band is dropping their next album, In a...

Pressure Dissect a Modern Love Façade in New Double Single

Pressure, the Swedish Melodic-Rock band from SamBone Promotions / Xing Records return with a new conceptual double-single, “Just Undress” and “Barb Wire Love”, the story of the “perfect couple” who secretly have lost all their magic and are both secretly pining for the girl in the apartment across the street from them.  The sounds of these two songs are in line with what you’ve come to expect from the band if you’ve heard them before,...

Ho99o9 Throw Out All the Rules on Sophomore Album

Full disclosure: I’ve been a fan of Ho99o9 since hearing their first album “United States of Ho99o9” a few years ago.  Their mesh of punk-fueled chaos, metal aggression, dark hip hop and trap elements and industrial sleaze was exactly the kind of kitchen-sink creativity I’d been craving since diving into genre-fluid music almost 20 years ago.  Here was a band who finally realized what The Beatles and Bowie had been trying to tell us since...

Sam Astaroth Continues Burning Boundaries with new Ghostemane Cover

A few months ago, it was my distinct pleasure to interview the amazing Sam Astaroth, formerly of the band Astaroth Incarnate, about the DMX cover he’d just dropped at the time, in tribute to one of his fallen heroes. Today, I’m presenting yet another masterful cover by the vocal acrobat, that of Ghostemane’s “Fed Up”, and I don’t say this often, but this version may be superior to the original. Sam Astaroth is the kind...

River Knight Glides Across Waters with New Single

“River Knight release She Came Round – An exciting, genre blending song, filled with catchy hooks and melodies, telling the tale of one evening between friends, lifting the veil of sadness and shining eternal positivity, combined with a lot of fun.” Now doesn’t that sound like just what a lot of us need after 2021?  Wasn’t that the year everything was supposed to be better? It’s no mystery a lot of us have had it...

Ready for some Decent News already?

Full disclosure, I’ve done some work with Decent News, know them to be generally good guys, and have followed and supported them and their label, Machine Man Records, for a few years now.  That said, any inherent bias aside, you will no doubt agree that their new EP Televisual available for free on Bandcamp, is the band at their absolute zenith. The title track starts things off with Eddie LaFlash’s unmistakable and crushing guitar riffs...

Can..Can I Really Say This? – ShitDicks Drop Infectious EP

I would like a time machine.  I would like to use said time machine to go back and visit a bored 15-year-old Caleb Straus in Freshman English being taught how to properly write an essay and comfort him with the knowledge that at the age of 40, not only will he be permitted to use the word “ShitDicks” in a sentence, it will in fact be his solemn duty as a music journalist.  And then...

Skatenigs Return with their Strongest Effort Yet

The first time I saw Phil Owen, he was opening for Ministry as a member of Revolting Cocks at Sunset Station in San Antonio, TX in 2006.  The man who penned some of RevCo’s most engaging and enduring songs alongside the likes of Al Jourgensen, Paul Barker, and Chris Connelly gave a performance that was relaxed, raunchy, hilarious, and yet completely charismatic.  Not only did that send me down the Revolting Cocks rabbit hole at...

Get Drugged, Dangerous, and Damned with PIG’s Remix EP

PIG was one of the first names to drag me into the gritty world of industrial rock when I was figuring out my mid-adolescent self in the mid 1990’s.  The Lord of Lard, or Raymond Watts as he’s christened here on Earth, began his long and illustrious career working with the likes of KMFDM, Foetus, and Psychic TV, before creating PIG and forging his ultimate creative expression. Since the release of comeback album “The Gospel”...