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Creature Feature #86

This weekend won’t be as hectic, which may work in our favor as we will need a breather before the insanity that will be coming our way in the next couple weeks. Here are the things that you can expect will be happening. Starting us off, on Friday May 12th, it will be a night of live folk music at Green Beacon Gallery in Greensburg, PA. Catch the jams from Moonshine Jasmine, Lounna, Orange G,...

Creature Feature #85

We are getting into the thick of it now with Cinco De Mayo around the corner, and you can expect things are really going to pop up this weekend. Grab your straw hat and let’s see what all festivities are in store. Starting off on Thursday May 4th, Dread Metal Productions presents Left For Dead Tour at Philly On The Rocks in Erie, PA>. The bands performing will be The Almas, Storms Within, Odd Atrocity,...

Find Your MUSE: Cultus Black – Lorelei

Cultus Black who just concluded their run on the Static-X Rise of the Machines tour recently released a new music video for their single “Lorelei”. This serves as an introduction to this enigmatic band and what their style is about. Drums kick in as the song begins, quickly joined by intense guitars and melodies. The song tells a gothic tale regarding Lorelei who in mythology is a siren of immense beauty whose songs lead sailors...

Creature Feature #84

The final weekend of April will be a busy one, and it definitely ending on a bang!! Here is what you can expect to get yourself into. Starting off, on Friday April 28th, 717 Entertainment presents Vision Video, Death Valley Dreams, Kristeen Young, and The Mary Lous at Lovecraft Brewing Company in Mechanicsburg, PA. Doors open at 6pm, and tickets are $12 in advance or $15 at the door. You can purchase tickets here. This...

Find Your MUSE: Uzkost – For Property and Profit

Pittsburgh blackened and doomed death metal band Uzkost recently came out with a music video for their single “For Property and Profit”. For them, this was more of a personal affair, and it makes this song more different than anything they released so far. The song is heavy as heck and does not hesitate in being as brutal as possible. Full of blast beats, growls, and pummeling drums, this will kick your butt and then...

Creature Feature #83

This should be a fun filled weekend as it will be Earth Day and a celebration of all things green. Here is what is on tap! Starting off, on Thursday April 20th, The In Cold Blood Tour will be stopping at Spirit in Lawrenceville, PA. It will feature Cold Choir, Blood Handsome, and Bonnie and The Mere Mortals. Doors open at 8pm, and admission is $12. If you are into electro body music and synthwave,...

Find Your MUSE: Ludovico Technique – Live as Myself

With a new single from their latest album, Ludovico Technique delivers once again with “Live as Myself” The song starts with a beautiful piano piece before the guitar, hard synths, and drums kick in. There is a haunting choir that accompanies the chorus and the lead front man is as emotive and imposing that would expect him to be. He just has that air about him that commands the attention of the viewer, almost like...

Creature Feature #82

We are in Mid April, and still experiencing an influx of different events popping up! Here is all what to look forward to coming up! Starting off on Thursday April 13th, lets Rage to Stop Cop City for a benefit show geared towards furnishing bail and legal fee assistance to those standing in resistance to the construction of Cop City happening at Green Beacon Gallery in Greensburg. The bands playing for this cause will be...

Find Your MUSE: Eden on Fire – Fallen

Female-fronted symphonic metal band Eden on Fire from Erie, PA recently debuted their new single “Fallen”. The songs starts off with a beautiful piano arrangement before the ethereal vocals kick in. Then slow heavy guitars kick in which brings the tempo a notch. The theme and lyrics of the song speak of those moments where we fall into moods we simply cannot seem a find a way out of. Whether it is depression, sadness, or...

Creature Feature #81

Are you ready for another fun filled weekend? I hope you are because there is a lot coming your way! Starting us off on Thursday April 6th, Strike True presents Dead Hour Noise, Constant Hell, and Design the Curse are playing at Green Beacon Gallery in Greensburg, PA. It starts at 7pm, and admission is $10. Come out and be ready to rock! Also on Thursday April 6th, there will a live Ska filled show...