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Find Your MUSE: Sam Astaroth – Demoncore(Official Music Video)

This week, MUSE goes straight to hell with Sam Astaroth being his most demonic yet in his single “Demoncore”. Sam is someone who puts everything he has into his creative visions, and it really shows here. The song starts out with a dark catchy rhythm backed by his gravely almost death metal like flow. This guys spits bars like a man possessed, and makes it sound so good. But wait for it. The ending of...

Find Your MUSE: Tragic Impulse – Oubliette(Official Music Video)

Tragic Impulse are an electro industrial duo from Pittsburgh, PA, and they recently released the video for their new single “Oubliette”. There is a pulse pounding beat throughout the song, making it very easy to dance to. The lead singer has a vocal delivery that goes between singing and then raw screaming when it gets to the intense chorus. For those unfamiliar with the term, oubliette is a dungeon that which is only accessible from a...

Creature Feature #43

It is 4th of July weekend, and looks like we are going to start off July with a bang! Let’s take at look at what will be happening for the holiday weekend! Starting off, on Thursday June 30th, the Strange Rumblings Tour will be rolling through at Cattivo in Lawrenceville, PA. It will feature The Claws, Royal Honey, and The Cheats. The show starts at 8pm, and nothing known about admission, but come prepared just...

Find Your MUSE: Love Dumpster – Control(Official Music Video)

Love Dumpster is a female fronted punk band from Pittsburgh, PA, and they are here with a video released for their first single “Control”. The song is peppy and catchy as heck with its guitar and bass rhythms. It keeps the energy going throughout the song, and then segues into a slow soothing section before going back to right to rocking your socks off. The theme of the song is about relationships and how sometimes...

Creature Feature #42

Summer is officially here! Let us take a look at all that will be happening for the summer weekend! Starting us off, on Wednesday June 22nd, Outer Dark Media presents a crushing black metal show at Black Forge Coffee House II in Mckees Rocks, PA. It will feature Valdrin, Well of Night, and Uzkost. It starts at 6pm, and tickets are $15. You can purchase tickets here. If you need something to get you over...

Crash Army – Happily Never After(Official Music Video)

CRASH ARMY has returned, and even though things have been quiet in their camp, they have been hard at work on new music. They have a second single they just released called “Happily Never After” and are proud to introduce us to it. This is an upbeat grunge rock song with an infectious lyric delivery, and it makes you just want to kick your feet to the rhythm. The theme of the song is about...

Creature Feature #41

It is Father’s Day weekend in the Burgh, and if you are looking to spend time with dear old Dad, there is plenty of events to attend together. Starting on Thursday June 16th, there will be a small show happening at Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh, PA. It will feature local bands such as Anxiety at Best, God Hates Unicorns, and Eglaf. Doors open at 6pm, and admission is $13-$15. Support local music and purchase...

The Death of Zenith – Sun and Moon

The work on the official soundtrack to the upcoming film Overnight produced by Solunar Records has been very fruitful indeed. On May 31st, the fourth single dropped, this time it is a solo effort from Caleb Straus’s new musical project The Death of Zenith. It is a cover of the song “Sun and Moon” originally performed by a band called Above and Beyond. Where the original song was peppy and dance-centric, this version is more...