Music ReviewsATL&S

Jana Lee MachecaDecember 2, 2017

     I love to bring you gems of bands you’re going to love, and this week is no exception. I was given the music of ATL&S to review and it turned into one of those bright moments in a day. As soon as the music began I knew I’d be smiling while I wrote this. After listening it didn’t even surprise me that their genre listing on their facebook page,, had not one but many types. Classic rock, pop, soft rock, blues, southern rock – yes, they have a little something for everyone but it’s all wrapped up in an original feel and sound. Some fast, some slow, some simply beautiful and all of it good!! It’s always a great thing to find music that changes it up, the songs don’t run into each other, it accesses your mind and your emotions to keep you enjoying each song on it’s own and look forward to the next. Whether it be the bluesy and deeper back sounds to “I’ve been thinking ‘Bout You” or  The Tom Petty-ish feel to the song “Dynasty” ATL&S has really got that down!


    The vocals have a way of changing along with the music. For those of you who have an interest in music, you may understand how a vocalist has a ‘sound’ themselves that you can usually pick out right away but for this band, listening all the way through, no song has the same specific vocal print. The harmonies on “Goodbye For Now” gives a bit of a chill before it begins with a sweet and sorrowful song. Slow but powerful in feeling, this one made me pause in my notes just to enjoy it. One of those songs that makes you reflect on how someone else has felt the type of sorrow you have but with a hopeful and almost joyful, uplifting vibe.

  The band had a type of sad beginning. In 2014 they joined up for a song after the death of a band members mother but quickly saw that there was far more to this than once song in memory of a loved one. Since then they have been taking on all types of music to stretch their wings and fly – and their music is most certainly proof of amazing talent combined. Recently one of the songs from this self titled album was even played on WDVE 102.5. I look for big things for these guys, and I’m sure that if you follow music in the Pittsburgh scene, you will be hearing more about them soon!! Check out their webpage for the full story too, . Find them on YouTube, follow them on Instagram, like them on Facebook and get to know them because they are making a splash in the city!!