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Ravyn XOctober 11, 2022

Welcome new and old readers alike! We’re changing things up a bit here on Artists Uncovered, but still bringing you lots of new music, videos and the latest album releases. This weeks edition of Artists Uncovered is being sponsored by Miss Red, manager at First Angel Modeling. Be sure to catch her debut burlesque performance at Sub Alpine on October 27th! (cover image) First Angel Media is dedicated to getting as much music to you as we can, so this is your weekly chance to find new favorite bands and information on their new music releases. Check out the links, preorders and more below.

Industrial rock act PIG released their album The Merciless Light on September 23rd via Metropolis Records. Gothic electronic act Extize released their album MonStars on September 30th via darkTunes. Progressive metal act SPHERES released their album Helios on September 23rd via M&O Music / Spinoza Records. Electro-pop artist Psy’Aviah released their video for “Ok (rediscovered)” (ft. Huong Su) on September 22nd, from their EP Is Everything Going OK? via Alfa Matrix. (below)

Folk industrial act Kiberspassk released their single “Smorodina” on September 27th via Out Of Line Music. Death / thrash / industrial act Lethal Technology released their album Mechanical Era on September 24th. Heavy metal act Veil Of The Serpent released their single “Profiling A Demon” on October 4th, from their EP Gallery Of Sin, due out October 31st. Pop metal act Segmentia recently released their lyric video for the single “Alone” via SODEH Records. (below)

Alternative / new wave act Corlyx released their single “Never Love” (feat. Chris Harms / Lord Of The Lost) on October 5th via Out Of Line Music. Symphonic power metal act Amberian Dawn are set to release their album Take A Chance – A Metal Tribute to ABBA on December 2nd via Napalm Records. Singer / songwriter Ross Harding is set to release his album Chapter II on November 4th via Mongrel Records / Devographic Music. Industrial metal act The Hate Club recently released their video for “Cursed“. (below)

Alternative rockers Inner Outlines released their single “Undone” on September 30th via Curtain Call Records. Horror metal act Hell Theater are set to release their album S’Accabadora on October 28th via Wormholedeath. Dark rockers Amulet are set to release their single “Last Ditch” (Stabbing Westward Remix) on October 14th via Distortion Productions. And finally, grunge rockers Scarlet recently released their video for “Circle of Bones“, from their album Circle of Bones, due out November 11th via Inverse Records. (below)

Hope you found some new favorites this week on Artists Uncovered, and help us do our part to keep music alive for fans across the world. Be sure to check back next week for more releases!