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Ravyn XNovember 30, 2021

On this weeks edition of Artists Uncovered we have a whole new selection of albums, videos, and singles. This week will focus on new music videos. First Angel Media is dedicated to getting as much music to you as we can, so this is your weekly chance to find new favorite bands and information on their new music releases. Check out the links, preorders and more below.

Vancouver based rock-n-rollers Dirtbag Republic released their video for “Days Are Gone” October 22nd, from their album Tear Down Your Idols. Florida based metalcore act Blind Tiger released their video for “Vero Beach” October 22nd, from their album Blind Tiger. Heavy rockers Regional One released their video for “Bedlam” October 22nd, from their album Sold!. Hard rockers Scattered Hamlet released their video for “All Talk” October 22nd, from their album Stereo Overthrow via Buck Moon Productions. (below)

Metal outfit Disconnected Souls released their video for the experimental single “Petrichor” November 12th. London based punk rockers 4foxsake released their lyric video for “Fuck Off” October 22nd, from their EP Help Me Escape. British blackened sludge metal act Tigguo Cobauc released their video for the single “Ravaging The Innocents” October 26th, from their upcoming album via Xaninho Discos. Up next, Finnish melodic death metal act Crowen released their video for “Exosus” October 26th, from their upcoming album Prophecy via Inverse Records. (below)

Finnish blackened death metal act Gomorran released their video for “Hopeless Endeavor” October 27th, from their upcoming album Excerpts from the Dark Age via Inverse Records. “Shock-n-roll” duo White Collar Sideshow released their video “Tombstones for Eyes” on October 28th, from their album I Didn’t Come Here To Die via Curtain Call Records. Hard rockers The 450s released their music video for “Lust And Denial” October 29th, from the self titled album The 450s via Louder Than Loud Records. And Los Angeles based instrumental death/doom metal band Sordes Dominum released their video for the single “Verecundiam” October 29th. (below)

Extreme metal act Breed of Aggression released their video for “Unmasked” October 29th, from their album This Is My War via Dark Star Records. Los Angeles based electronic punk act The God Bombs released their video for “God is a Dominatrix” October 15th, from the EP God is a Dominatrix. Progressive metal act Chronic Trigger released their video for the single “Black Mental Epilepsy” October 29th. And finally, industrial “swaggrotech” artist RNZЯ released his video for “Celebrity Slave” October 31st, from the extended single Celebrity Slave, featuring remixes by Heartwire, Lights Out, God Help Me, and Witchpyre.(below)

Hope you found some new favorites this week on Artists Uncovered, and help us do our part to keep music alive for fans across the world. Be sure to check back next week for more releases!