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Ravyn XNovember 23, 2021

On this weeks edition of Artists Uncovered we have a whole new selection of albums, videos, and singles. First Angel Media is dedicated to getting as much music to you as we can, so this is your weekly chance to find new favorite bands and information on their new music releases. Check out the links, preorders and more below.

Finnish alternative death metal band Extinction In Progress released their single “Feasting Upon A False God” October 28th, from their upcoming debut album Shades Of Pale, set to be released in early 2022 via Inverse Records. New England based sludge supergroup Come To Grief have made their back catalog available for free via Bandcamp. Vocalist and songwriter Mariangela Demurtas (lead singer of the Norwegian band Tristania and  Ardours) is set to release her solo EP Dark Ability on January 21st 2022. London based alternative rockers District 13 released their video for “Step Into The Fire” October 7th via Curtain Call Records. (below)

Metalcore supergroup The Dead Rabbits released their single “Acceptance” on October 28th. Industrial rock act Null Cell released their latest single “Over The Top” on October 29th, featuring remixes by Hostile Architect and Varicella Band, and a bonus cover of the modern EBM classic “Wireframe Genocide” by Mind Teardown via Machine Man Records. French black metal act K AMON K are set to release their album Arca Ende Aeterna on November 26th via code666/Aural Music. Up next, Finnish melodic death metal act Re-Armed released their music video for “As the Stars Align” on October 21st from their upcoming ep XX, due out January 27th via Inverse Records. (below)

New Jersey based pop punk act Sell Yourself Short are set to release their EP The Lowest Standard on December 3rd. Texas based industrial punk act Skatenigs released their album What Could Go Wrong? on October 29th via Armalyte Industries. Polish blackened death metal act Sothoris is set to release their album Wpiekłowstąpienie (Harrowing of Hell) on January 6th, 2022 via More Hate Productions / Misanthropia Records / Old Metal Rites / Entropy Records. And Finnish heavy metal act Rebellix released their video for “Fuck You” on October 22nd from their EP Serpent’s Kiss via Inverse Records. (below)

Former Pitchshifter / The Prodigy guitarist Jim Davies released his album Prey Later on November 19th via Armalyte Industries. Pittsburgh based industrial metal act Beyond Machines released their single “Paranormal” on October 31st. Black metal duo Ergholae Somptator are set to release their album Mille vertiges fondent sur les âmes vides on November 26th via code666/Aural Music. And finally, multi-expressionist artist Alexander Blackstar released his video for “Emerge From The Dark” on November 19th. (below)

Hope you found some new favorites this week on Artists Uncovered, and help us do our part to keep music alive for fans across the world. Be sure to check back next week for more releases