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Ravyn XJanuary 11, 2022

Welcome new readers, and old alike! We’re changing things up a bit here on Artists Uncovered, but still bringing you lots of new music. This weeks edition of Artists Uncovered is being sponsored by Miss Red (cover image). First Angel Media is dedicated to getting as much music to you as we can, so this is your weekly chance to find new favorite bands and information on their new music releases. Check out the links, preorders and more below.

Indana based solo artist Juan Blak of post-punk act BlaK SundaY released his single “Calling” December 31st. Danish grunge metal act Urban Primate released their video for “Let Go” December 31st, from their album Desolation. Russian gothic doom metal act Inner Missing are set to release their album Dead Language on February 25th via Inverse Records. Nu metal / rock / rap artist Jade The Nightmare released her video for “Bleed You Dry” January 8th from the album Gothferatu.(below)

New Jersey punk rockers Mourning Noise released Mourning Noise, Limited Edition 12″ White Vinyl LP December 30th via Cleopatra Records. German medieval folk rockers Feuerschwanz released their album Memento Mori (Deluxe Digital Edition) December 31st via Napalm Records. Detroit based deathgaze duo VAZUM released their single “Gallows” December 31st. Chicago based hard rockers Boneshaker released their lyric video for “Bed of Stones” November 12th via DreamCatcher Music. (below)

Rochester based industrial artist Sapphira Vee is set to release her album Aerial Human on February 4th via Distortion Productions. Industrial rock act Null Cell released their album Nemesis December 31st via Machine Man Records. Philadelphia based ska artists Catbite released the third vinyl pressing of their album Catbite January 3rd via Bad Time Records. Los Angeles based pop singer and songwriter Izza released her video for “Too Hot” December 17th. (below)

Metal Assault Records released their Metal Assault Records 2021 Label Sampler on December 31st as a free download, featuring tracks by Sea Of Snakes, Beatallica, Beekeeper, Varkan, Deadwolff, Through The Oculus, Hatesong, Circle of Sighs, Fermentor, Solar Haze, Malison, The Blue Prison, Dawn Fades, Ealdor Bealu, Daemonelix, Bone Maggot, Absolum, Zych, and Old Blood. New Orleans ska band Joystick released the second vinyl pressing of their album I Can’t Take It Anymore January 3rd via Bad Time Records. Finnish metal act DETSET are set to release their album Vermeil on January 28th via Out Of Line Music. And finally, theatrical metal opera act DiAmorte released their video for the single “Where The Light Grows Cold” January 1st via Dark Star Records. (below)

Hope you found some new favorites this week on Artists Uncovered, and help us do our part to keep music alive for fans across the world. Be sure to check back next week for more releases!