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Ravyn XAugust 2, 2022

Welcome new and old readers alike! We’re changing things up a bit here on Artists Uncovered, but still bringing you lots of new music, videos and the latest album releases. This weeks edition of Artists Uncovered is being sponsored by Ivory Roze, spokesmodel for Nexev. (cover image) First Angel Media is dedicated to getting as much music to you as we can, so this is your weekly chance to find new favorite bands and information on their new music releases. Check out the links, preorders and more below.

Industrial / dark electro artist Suicide Commando released their album Goddestructor on July 22nd via Out Of Line Music. Heavy metal act Sagreveht are set to release their album Thanatology on September 16th via Wormholedeath. Rock n rollers Owls & Aliens released their self titled album Owls & Aliens on July 22nd via MVK Music Group. Underground rapper Ritual of Ether released his single / video for “Roe Tarantino” on July 22nd via Shrunken Head Entertainment. (below)

Heavy metal act ILEAN are set to release their single “Heridas” on August 5th via Curtain Call Records. Distortion Productions released their sampler album Distortion Productions 10 Year Anniversary Sampler on July 27th, featuring tracks from Tragic Impulse, Silver Walks, Eva X, Trade Secrets, Sapphira Vee, Red Lokust, Lorelei Dreaming, Boxed Warning, Interface, Blue Eyed Christ, Dogtablet, Sensuous Enemy, Esther Black, Null Device, and And Void. Retrowave rock project Fury Weekend released their single “Real Love” (feat. Young Medicine) on July 27th via FiXT. Los Angeles based electronic punk act The God Bombs recently released their video for “Bad Man”, from their upcoming album VOL. 1 : SIMULATION, due out October 14th. (below)

Post punk / new wave act Roobanok released their single “Storm” on July 29th via skyQode. Dark rockers Unzucht released their single “Am Ende der Farben 2022” on July 29th via Out Of Line Music. Alternative pop act The Driver Era released their single “Malibu” on July 28th. Nu-metal act League Of Distortion released their video for the single “Wolf or Lamb” on July 26th via Napalm Records. (below)

Extreme metal act Fear Disease are set to release their album Floodgates on September 2nd via Wormholedeath. Thrash / power metal act SYRYN are set to release their album Heads or Tails on August 26th. Horrorcore artist Razakel release her single “End Up On A Slab” (feat. HB the Grizzly) on July 29th via Shrunken Head Entertainment. And finally, industrial / death metal act Lethal Technology recently released their video for “Factory“, from their album Mechanical Era, due out September 24th. (below)

Hope you found some new favorites this week on Artists Uncovered, and help us do our part to keep music alive for fans across the world. Be sure to check back next week for more releases!