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Artists Uncovered #1

Our cup runneth over with bands!! We get so many requests for coverage that it can be hard to dedicate the time to each of them, and so we bring you “Artists Uncovered”. Each week we will be featuring submissions to First Angel Media that may not receive a full article or spotlight as well as social media posts for new videos that we’ve learned about. You’ll find this every Sunday night on our website and Monday on our Facebook page. The following artists have either released or will be releasing the following albums so check out the links, find new music, and show support to the ones you love!

WitchTit will be releasing their next doom-metal album (self-released) titled Intoxicating Lethargy on March 12. Alltar is set to release their live post-metal/sludge album through Monochord Records on February 12, titled Live at Ceremony of Sludge. And Dead Shape Figure recently released death metal album Quator Post Nihil on Inverse Records, with a new video for the single “Composition X“.

King Bong‘s sold out psychedelic rock album Sand ≈ Return from 2017 will get a limited vinyl re-issue through Mandrone Records on January 30th and is available for pre-order here. Falling Doves just released their alternative glam rock album Electric Dove through Pacific Records on January 15th, available in limited quantities on vinyl here. Up next, The Hawkins are set to release their next rock & roll album Live In The Woods through The Sign Records on January 29th.

Finnish folk influenced blackgaze band Einvigi recently released their debut album Sielulintu through Inverse Records in December 2020. Heavy Feather‘s upcoming retro rock album Mountain of Sugar is set to release April 29th through The Sign Records. And Venomous, recently signed to Brutal Records, is set to release their next Brazilian metal album Tribus on February 19th, with the music video for Unity here.

Alt-pop singer Spencer Sutherland recently released his album Indigo, and you can find the music video for the title track here. Gothic metal artist The Inferno Doll recently released physical copies of her EP Sacrifice in December, and a teaser video for the title track here. Last but certainly not least we’ve got South African death metal band The Fallen Prophets with their album No End In Sight released at the end of last year through MMD Records.

Every week we will bring you a new batch of musicians on Artists Uncovered from around the globe and do our part to keep music alive for fans across the world.