The Art of Burning Bridges

“We believed in you when no one else did”…. A hopeful yet artfully dark quote from The Art Of Burning Bridges that none of them can fully explain. It was an often repeated statement from members of the band to each other during the times they felt darkest, in the ending of one phase and beginning of another. It also describes the band quite well…Maybe first a proper introduction?

The Art of Burning Bridges is composed of Justin Tyme (Drums), Kassie Rock (Bass), Timmy Rock (Keys), and Anthony Rome (Guitar/vocals). I must admit, the sold out show at The Rex Theatre opening for Starset was the first show I had seen – but one worth waiting for. For some members of the band it was their biggest crowd to date, for others they’ve played for even larger crowds, but together I can tell you they rocked that place!! I love crowd reactions and people in front of me talked about not being sure about the ‘local band’ stepping on stage and they talked with me about their musical taste, I had heard recordings and told them to let me know later what they thought…..These same people actively sought me out to rave about The Art of Burning Bridges and pulled out their phones to check out the band’s page. Personally, I knew what they were in for when I watched these four people, who had moments before been laughing and joking, step on stage with determination in their eyes and serious expressions. It was a look that you know they had this and planned on setting the stage on fire! And they did. Several Pyros (their beloved fans) were in attendance but those who didn’t already know them were blown away and in a densely packed crowd they moved, caught up in the music. As bright stage lights shone through the crowd and orange fire-like glow gave a backdrop to their movements on stage the members of The Art of Building Bridges gave their best and let us know they were worthy of our attention.

During their time on stage they showed they were a mix of deep sounds, smooth moves, and music you can enjoy on stage or on CD (Release coming soon)…but if you looked to the right corner you found their brand of good humor – The Snoot!! Wait, who is this you ask? More like what. The stuffed green dinosaur was brought to a show once and ever since Pyros have caused him to take on a life (and Facebook page: ) of his own. He can not only be found at shows but in mixing booths, and he shows the lighter side of this multifaceted band. Off stage these four mostly self-taught musicians (Justin has had classical training and there was some direction in high school for most of them) enjoy a range of music that includes jazz, spacey rock, R&B, NIN, Tool, Blink 182 and one grew up with a collection from their father that “Had no limit to the types of music”. The vision of their band is that they feel they are the ignition switch to the events and their music may take you across bridges you never knew or some you wanted to leave behind….and that is the art, to destroy those before they destroy you. I love their ‘Master of your own Destiny’ ideas and the mix of fun and deep seriousness they reflect to their audience. Some of them have watched the Pittsburgh scene as it’s fire grew and then devoured itself and now they see a positive change in the things around them.

The band itself is newer than some, having officially formed in 2015 after a period of time in which Anthony and Justin’s previous band moved to California. Anthony remained in Pittsburgh but they kept in contact and the music Justin heard Anthony writing helped to draw him back home. June 2016 was their first show, at the Smiling Moose, and they have been on fire since with recording a full album, open for seven national acts, as well as doing their own shows. Often Anthony writes the material but they are known to begin a jam session and walk out with music they have all collaborated on. This band is aptly named, as the members believe in moving forward and refusing to dwell in past events, so the idea of a little match burning down the old wooden bridge tying them to pain not only seems right but hopeful. Their fans love them for their forward thinking attitudes, and you will also love them for the music. On a special note, Kassie Rock would like to say:

“I want our fans, which we like to call Pyros, to know that without them we wouldn’t be able to do this. We could make as much music as we want but without them, it would mean nothing. I would like to thank everyone who has come out and supported us in this past year, this has truly been an amazing trip. To those who are hearing about us for the first time, we hope we can turn you into Pyros.”

If you have a chance to see them in action – take it!! Remember that the new release is coming soon so, check out the links below and check out this band!

Don’t forget their Facebook page – give it a like!!

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