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Patrick McElravy1 year ago15435 min

Pittsburgh alt metal guitarist Andy Oddo has been a rather busy man in recent years. His current project (Victoria Fire) have released a promising demo as they gear up to hit the stage. Today we are going to look at something different from Mr. Oddo though…..a little gem he released in the back half of 2018 titled Forever and a Day.

While not reinventing the wheel, Forever and a Day certainly is a refreshing take of nostalgia in the last decade of rock. From the thick melodic tones of Staind (think 14 Shades of Grey era) and the melancholy nature of “Black Gives Way to Blue” via Alice in Chains, you get a pretty heavy dose of melody and the feels from this Ep. The vocal talents of hired gun Nick Figley (recently of Losing September fame) really help drive home the influences vocally and soundwise with his emotional performance. Spanning the course of 5 years in the making, the songs were crafted, revised, and built upon to deliver an almost perfect product. Every note and detail serves it’s purpose as Andy takes you on a ride through a journey of self reflection.

The entire duration of Forever and a Day flows very well, but openers “Sober Now” and “Erase” definitely take the cake for strongest cuts. “Sober Now” opens up with some tasty alt metal riffage that bring the pain along with one of Nick’s strongest vocal performances. Excellent lead guitar work from Andy really add the cherry on top of the cake on this track. “Erase” we really see those Alice in Chains influences come to life. Nick offers some extremely emotional vocals as he flexes his vocal harmonies (love them minor fifths!!!). While a toned down track, “Erased” keeps you rocking none the less with its heavy emotional vibe and acoustic backing.

I don’t know if and when Andy Oddo will put out another solo Ep, but I’ll certainly be waiting. Forever and a Day certainly is a sign to pay attention to whatever project this guy got his paws in. With great songwriting and melodic interplay, you would be doing a serious disservice to pass up on this Ep. Be sure to keep tabs on Andy’s current project Victoria Fire as they gear up to hit the stage June 15th at the Smiling Moose.



Patrick McElravy

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    June 6, 2019 at 10:48 am

    This guys hott too!!!!


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