Event ReviewsInterviewsAn Interview with Kristof Bathory & Dawn of Ashes @ Lovedrafts

Anthony McDonoughAugust 2, 2022

You ever have those moments where you go to an event or concert, and you can just feel the magic in the air? It’s like you know deep inside what you are about to experience is going to be awesome, possibly even life-changing? That is exactly how I felt the moment I walked into the doors. I had returned to Lovedraft’s Brewing Company for the opportunity to see Dawn of Ashes live, something I been waiting over 4 years to have the opportunity of doing so. I even went as far as purchasing the VIP ticket so I can meet them and get a chance to talk to them. So a lot of anticipation and maybe some nervousness on my end, but mostly I was just radiating with excitement and happiness of being able to be there, and knowing I was going to be interviewing Kristof Bathory!

Once the sound checks were performed, and the people started getting settled in, Carbonstone took the stage to open up the show. What was the most attention grabbing moment about them was the evil bear mask wearing mascot that joined them. He was just standing, silently, sometimes taking selfies and recording video of the band performing. The sound of the music was more of an alternative rock type, and they had everyone attentive and rocking out. Their set was pretty solid, and was the proper way to get the crowd warmed up for what was to come.

After that, The Destruct Principle took the stage looking like spectral figures in a mist, and guys, I have to talk about this. So previously, I saw them live during the Psyclon Nine show at Lovedraft’s, and compared to that performance, this performance was so much more powerful. I listened to various podcasts they have done, and one thing I remember them saying was how each performance is different. And oh boy, was that the case here. The magic that was in the air was intensified. There was so much power behind their live ritual this time around, and they had everyone impressed. Other bands were coming up to them to compliment them on the performance. When you are having that happen, you know that means something. I was even more thoroughly impressed by what I witnessed, and it had the most perfect timing for what happened after.

So while waiting for Midnight Nightmare to take the stage, I got pulled into the meet and greet festivities, where I was able to get a exclusive t-shirt, stickers, and a signed cd and poster. I was also allowed the unique opportunity to interview frontman Kristof Bathory, and here is what he had to say:

Hi, I’m Anthony with First Angel Media, and I’m here with Kristof Bathory from Dawn of Ashes. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us.

Kristof Bathory: No problem.

The Scars of the Broken album came out March 16th, in your opinion, do you feel the reception to that better compared to your previous albums? Or what would you say the reception was comparatively?

Kristof Bathory: I heard from fans that this is a huge progression from you know previous albums because it touches on more deeper content. More stuff that I personally have gone through so I feel like fans can relate to a lot of the topics that I discussed in the album. 

Okay, so you started the Scars of the Broken Tour on July 16th, how’s it feel playing live for fans again?

Kristof Bathory: It’s interesting. A lot has changed because of Covid. It’s been, it’s been rough. I’ve had some vocal issues but the response has been pretty well for the most part.

And is there any positive moments from the tour you’ve had so far?

Kristof Bathory: Yeah, just like the overall interaction with us and the fans have been pretty positive. It’s gone pretty smooth for the most part.

You started doing ambient music again under Void Stasis, can you tell us about how that all got started?

Kristof Bathory: I had my attempt at dark ambient back in 2010 and I released my own self released album. And throughout the years, fans have wanted me to do dark ambient again. And I started getting into Eurorack modules and randomly I was playing a game called Destiny 2. And the name just kind of came out, and wasn’t really like a firm serious thing that I was going to do, but then I just decided fuck it I’m going to do it. And I teamed up with two other really talented artists that do Eurorack modules. It’s been, it’s been pretty awesome.

So follow up question to that, something I’ve been really curious about. How did that lead to your partnership with Cryo Chamber?

Kristof Bathory: Well, I am huge fan of everything on Cyro Chamber. I didn’t know that Cryo Chamber was run by Atrium Carceri which is like one of my biggest influences. And so I literally hit him up and said hey would you be interested in this project that’s me featuring these other two artists? And we just started talking a lot and sending over demos and they were automatically just on it.

Alright, so after the Scars of the Broken tour is over, what’s next?

Kristof Bathory: To be honest, I’m probably going to be focusing more on my dark ambient projects. Gonna be kind of taking a break from touring, still probably doing festivals but kind of slowing myself down. 

Speaking of your ambient projects, I know you mentioned there’s a couple you are working on, can you tell us a little more about that?

Kristof Bathory: April, March, April we’re releasing the second Void Stasis album. We’ve been working on it, we literally worked on it after RuinsAnd then I recently teamed up with Michael Ford who is like the head of Luciferianism and we’ve been talking about doing a project for years and finally I was like fuck it, you know, let’s do something. And immediately Cyro Chamber signed that. So yeah, there’s just a lot that’s busy with the dark ambient stuff. 

So where can fans find you?

Kristof Bathory: Everywhere, everywhere online, Facebook, Twitter, everywhere where everybody is at on the internet.

All right, well thank you for your time

Kristof Bathory: Of course. Shirt looks good on you!

Afterwards, I got the see the last half of the performance from Midnight Nightmare and what I saw was something very intense and fierce. The band was literally dripping venom with each track that they performed, and I could see firsthand the theatricality that the band presented on the live stage. They had the crowd eating out of their hand, and was the perfect precursor for what was to come.

That left Dawn of Ashes to take the stage, and I am surprised there was a stage left after their fierce performance. For my first time seeing them live, it met every expectation and more. They played some of their songs from the new album, as well as some of their older material. Kristof gave it his all in the performance, and the crowd was electric. It left everyone very pleased, including me.

I will definitely say this was one of the best moments for me this year. Many memories were made, and the magic of the night just made it more meaningful. This will be something I will never forget on how it made me feel, and I cannot express my gratitude in being able to experience it. Check out the latest Dawn of Ashes music video below. Special thanks to Stygian Narcosis Photography for the photography in this article!