Alternative StyleBehind the ScenesModelsAn Inside View – Ritual Of Ether Merch Shoot, “Lights, Camera, Die”

Bella RottenJuly 30, 2021
**TRIGGER WARNING** Some images from this shoot contain a theme of self harm, sacrifice, death and blood. Readers may wish to skip the video and gallery portion at the bottom of the page if they are sensitive to these types of images. Bella is fine, we promise. 

This past week our models Ravyn and Bella Rotten did a shoot with Red’s Photography, owned and operated by our model Miss Red, in tribute to music artist Ritual of Ether of Shrunken Head Ent. (Aka SHE). These photos feature exclusive merchandise from the Serpentines album release, such as signed CDs, T-shirts, a hand written letter from the artists, and a talisman. Also featured on set was the exclusively designed Bella dollie made by Shannon of Aerouant Apothecary, another talented artist close to the Shrunken Head family, as well as the Devil Board hand crafted by Slaughtered Lamb Designs from Pittsburgh.

The Poisoned Apple… Our team set out to capture the look and feel of this artist and his music by focusing on black and white photography, often seen in the branding of Ritual of Ether. This was all shot in the couples basement studio with the use of several props symbolizing the themes of pain, hardship, and good and evil in the world that you’ll find in the music of Ritual of Ether. The apple shot specifically was a ‘remix’ of a photo from the featured photo in our first coverage of the band. We found that fitting as Ravyn was the author of that piece. The original image was part of the first video where he discovered Ritual of Ether and his unique perspectives. Miss Red created her own vision, allowing her trademark color to take center stage.


A Girl and her Dollie… Bella holding the dollie amongst the darkness is a take on the themes of Ritual of Ether music. As mentioned above, the dollie was a design by Shannon Raines, who is married to S.H.E. artist Don Orias, keeping it in the family theme as it were. You’ll be able to see the dollie, and much more exclusive Bella Rotten merch, in real life if you happen to head out to a MadClock show as she performs on stage with him. Speaking of staying within the family, most of Bella‘s merch has been designed by Roush Designs, also owned and operated by the talented Miss Red, and MadClock‘s merch is made by the amazing Mama MadClock herself.

So much to talk about, but the time has come to show you the results of this collaborative effort. Be sure to follow those links, and better yet, get your tickets to the September 27th show at The Sub Alpine Society. That night MadClock and Bella will be performing with Ritual of Ether and other members of the Shrunken Head roster. Until then let us whet your appetite with the Ritual of Ether “Hellrazor” video below.

Below you will see the full gallery. Again, we ask that readers who are sensitive to self harm, death, blood, etc do not view this gallery.