Event ReviewsAn Evening with Eva X and Friends

Anthony McDonoughNovember 29, 2022

This past Tuesday November 22nd, Distortion Productions hosted their last show of 2022 at the Black Forge Coffee in Mckees Rocks, PA. It was a solemn night with the fact this would be their final show of the year, but it also made its mark as a way to show everything they have accomplished and gave us a proper introduction to one of the artists that recently joined their roster, Eva X.


To start the evening off, Dichro from Pittsburgh, PA took the stage and gave us a performance that was both sultry yet very energetic. They had an unique blend of rock with industrial elements, and during the set, they performed one of their very first releases which was a cover of Dead Can Dance’s The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove. The vocalist of Dichro Charmaine Freemonk was definitely injecting her brand of energy into the crowd, and the crowd gave it right back to her. In fact at some point, she was practically levitating off the stage or maybe the spirits were really enjoying the band as well. Who knows, but if you have a performance like that, then you are doing something right.


Jim Semonik, owner of Distortion Productions

During intermission, the owner of Distortion Productions Jim Semonik staged a sit-in, and gave us a recap of all the shows he presented to us this year, and teased with more artists looking to sign with him for 2023 and as well as asking for suggestions of bands we would like to see him book. He has had a very successful year, and I expect next year he will be bringing things even bigger and better, so definitely keep an eye out for what is to come.

Eva X w/ Erik Gustafson

Then it was time for Eva X to shine, and shine she did with the help of her husband and fellow musician Erik Gustafson who you may recognize from bands such as Adoration Destroyed and Grendel. Even as gremlins threatened the system and nerfing her keyboard as a result, she still pulled off one heck of a performance as she played tracks from her newest album as well as a cover of Gary Numan’s My Name is Ruin. The crowd danced as she performed and she showcased her talent to show her prowess as a musical artist and why she is part of the Distortion family.

In all, this was yet another successful show, and the perfect way to end the 2022 concert season for Distortion Productions. It will be interesting to see how things will start in 2023, but you can guarantee when the time comes, we will all be gathering at Black Forge Coffee to take covenant at what they have to offer.

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