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Josh Doran5 months ago2823 min

Hailing from the Eastern shore of Maryland, 5-piece Progressive Metal band, Ammune, has the music and the perspective to keep you coming back for more. This band’s self-proclaimed philosophy of positivity and interconnectedness brings a fresh outlook into a scene that is often plagued by black clouds. Their message of acceptance, unity, and kinship is the driving influence behind the music they create and it is wonderfully demonstrated in their new song “Bliss”.

Echoing through the introduction to this song, the guitars interweave to create an atmosphere, slowly building and blooming into something larger. Josh’s wonderful vocals paint a melody of hope and dreams that pull the band with him into an aggressive culmination with the band crashing in around him with ferocity. The superb drumming from Mike drives the music forward into an incredible chorus with guitar riffs and rhythms falling together like puzzle pieces, reminding us to “embrace your possibilities”. The second verse follows much like the first, with a really cool addition of some machine-gun bass drumming that throws us back into the frenetic chaos that the the song turns into, with each piece driving us forward. “We can change anything: it starts with belief”, we are reminded as the song fades and then returns by crashing the walls down in a spectacular fashion with an awesome machine-gun style breakdown, before finally fading into a single guitar riff that caps off the experience.

I personally am a huge fan of Ammune’s style and their philosophy, there is always a need for positive voices and powerful messages, and this band hits the mark. Since receiving this to review and discovering the band, I have added all of their available music to my playlists, and I foresee them getting heavy replay. If you are a fan of progressive metal and you’re looking for a band that makes catchy, interesting music with a message, listen to Ammune.

Josh Doran

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