Fan FirstAmcrest AWC201-B Review and Comparision to the Logitech c922

Amcrest AWC201-B Review and Comparision to the Logitech c922

Introduction: I compared the Amcrest AWC201-B to a few other webcams including: Logitech c922, SJCam’s SJ4000 (used as a webcam), Dell Latitude E5540 onboard webcam, and the Acer r14 onboard webcam. I do some live podcasting/vlog interviews on Facebook, Twitch, & YouTube using OBS & Streamyard. My wife sells jewelry on Facebook live, so we do use our cameras pretty heavily. For the purposes of this review I am going to compare the audio and video of the Logitech c922 with the Amcrest AWC201-B on both my Dell Latitude E5540 and Acer R14 laptops. All the tests were conducted using OBS.

Audio: As you will hear, the audio did not work at all on the Acer laptop for the Amcrest camera. It produced an annoying noise only. It did work on the Dell laptop, but it was quieter and a little bit muddled compared to the audio from the Logitech c922 camera. I would use the microphone on the Amcrest camera if in a pinch, but we use an external usb mic, so this is not an issue for us.

Video: The 2 biggest issues when compared to the Logitech is that the coloring is off and the lack of the autofocus. Both of these items were issues while we did our jewelry lives on Facebook. The colors of the jewelry are important for the sell of the jewelry and it is just too far off. We cannot use the camera for these lives. However, we are not selling anything on the podcasts, so the coloring issues are not bad enough to worry about them for my podcasts. The camera can and will be used for those streams.

The camera seems to struggle a bit in lower light situations as you can see in the video of me in the bottom left hand corner, but that isn’t a huge drawback for us as we are using lighting. As I mentioned earlier, the coloring is definitely off on both laptops. It has more digital noise than the Logitech c922. There is a very good chance that the AWC201-B is going to become my go-to camera for my podcasting livestreams, but due to the issues with the coloring it make it very difficult to use for the jewelry business. Overall I would say that the camera could be worth its price depending on the scenario that you will be using it in.

Amcrest AWC201-B:

Logitech c922:


Sample Streamyard video using the AWC201-B (look for me):

* I will be receiving a refund for the price of the camera in return for this review.

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