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Kylie Thomas1 month ago838 min

Summer may be one of the best seasons to release an album or single. Whatever is released carries the potential to become a summer hit if it has the right, warm energy. The release must have a sense of summer nostalgia; it has to transport the listener to late summer nights of riding around in cars and jumping in pools. For emerging artist, Alt Bloom, that’s exactly the feeling his new EP,  Astronaut Complex, provokes. 

The artist Alt Bloom is Ethan Thompson, a singer-songwriter based out of LA. He takes inspiration from the area around him, packing the sun of LA into every song. The music and style of Alt Bloom are reminiscent of Mac Miller in the way that both artists show love for nostalgia in their music. Not to mention, R&B are strong roots for both of the artists. Nostalgia is the factor that easily attaches a listener to a song and Alt Bloom has begun to master it, especially with his new EP.

Astronaut Complex, released June 5, seamlessly blends the styles of alternative and pop music to create a variety of catchy songs. One of the standout songs of the EP is “West Coast”. The song paints the picture of LA, even if the listener has never been there. It has warming melodies that match the LA weather along with drum and bass beats that encompass the energy of LA. “West Coast” is a song that teenagers would blast during a summer drive with the windows down as the sun is setting. The song itself has such a feel-good vibe that could easily become a summer hit, not to mention the instrumentation is brilliantly put together. The soft music lets the vocals standout among the elements which truly lets the song shine. The talk-sing style that Alt Bloom brings is very popular right now and he truly does the style justice.  

Alt Bloom Summer is warm energy and for emerging artist, Alt Bloom, that’s exactly the feeling his new EP,  Astronaut Complex, provokes.

The rest of the EP is put together like this as well. Each song encompasses a feeling, whether that feeling is of love and romance or just of happy times and hope. “Get Back” combines feelings of romance and hope along with captivating lyrics and soft melodies. Normally a song about wanting to get back together with a love interest is sad and sappy. Alt Bloom takes a different approach by writing a hopeful story about knowing things will go back to how they used to be and manifesting that love into the universe. The song makes one want to dance along with it rather than cry into their pillow. Most of Alt Bloom’s music is this same way. Even if there’s a sad song, there still are messages of hope within them that people could use in their lives to learn to do the same. 

Overall, Alt Bloom’s new EP Astronaut Complex is a great summer soundtrack. Between the songs about summer love like “Damn Baby”, and the feel-good summer anthems like “West Coast”, the EP covers an entire story of summer love and summer parties. The EP has a lot of potential, especially among young adults with the blend of R&B, pop, and alternative styles. His style of singing and vocals are a great overlay over the smooth bass and slow beats in each of his songs. More than anything though, Astronaut Complex” shows great growth for Alt Bloom and promise for his future. 

Kylie Thomas

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