UncategorizedAlt Bloom Encourages Others to “Fly” Up With a Brand New Release!

Elizabeth AustinMay 22, 2021

Pop and R & B singer-songwriter Alt Bloom released “Fly Away” on May 21, following his debut EP Astronaut Complex which was released last year. “Fly Away” was produced by Oak Felder, who has worked with musicians such as Lizzo, John Legend, Alessia Cara, and ZZ Ward. There has been 29 million streams of Alt Bloom’s work since the release of the EP, and he has been featured in Billboard, American Songwriter, F L A U N T, and others. He has also released the single, “text talk touch” along with LA rapper gnash.

Alt Bloom mentioned that “Fly Away” is specifically about moments when we need to break free. It starts with a simple, but powerful guitar rhythm that sets an upbeat tone along with simple, yet powerful progressions throughout the whole song. The lyrics also set the mood for the whole song. All of the lyrics consistently have this message. However, two lyric lines really stood out to me. A part of the chorus says, “I mean it when I say this world is going to change”, and some of the middle says, “You’ve got wings just let go”. Therefore, “Fly Away” is telling us that situations will improve as long as we are empowered to pursue those changes.

Alt Boom has invested a significant amount of time engaging with his fans during quarantine. He released acoustic tracks and unreleased music on SoundCloud and hosted “Tribe Tuesdays” on Instagram and TikTok. He now considers his fans the “tribe” and he and the fans have had the opportunity to lift each other during the darkest times of quarantine. He was disappointed because he was unable to tour last year with the EP but glad that he had the opportunity to record his music in his childhood Montana bedroom and still connect with his fans. Alt Bloom is in the studio writing and recording for this new career chapter whenever he is neither connecting with his fans nor out in nature.

Be sure to check out “Fly Away” soon as well as Alt Bloom’s other catchy work on YouTube! If you want to “fly” into enjoying some podcasts, be sure to catch “Tribe Tuesdays”! Anyone who loves catchy music, especially in the car on a road trip, around the campfire, at the beach, or even a boat ride this summer will probably love jamming out to his musical art!  I can surely imagine hearing “Fly Away” playing from a stereo with the windows down! Be sure to check out “Fly Away” today either on Spotify or Apple Music!