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Matthew Morton2 years ago5173 min

In a world full of synthesizers, auto-tune and drum loops it can be very easy to buy into the worn-out saying of “rock is dead”. Texas outfit Icons of Industry prove the exact opposite on their latest effort Alchemy in Waves (2nd Anniversary Edition). The Ep is a showcase of solid rock n’ roll through in through, beckoning back to the likes of Cream, Steppenwolf and Led Zeppelin while simultaneously remaining fresh and modern.

The opening track, “The Waltz of Margaret Sanger” gets the listener up and moving with a steady moving beat, overdriven guitars, and catchy vocals. This track is followed by, “Down from the Mountain’’ a tasteful blend of guitars and classic organ. This trippy and reflective tune features an organ solo which is neither pompous nor overdone, but exactly what the song needed. This ability to layer in instrumentation is prevalent through the entire album whether it be adding in an acoustic guitar into a driven rock song (“Signs of Affliction”) or delivering an appropriate amount of slide guitar into a slower tune (“Final Hymn”). The EP closes out with the band’s current single “When The Sky Fell” a piece filled with overdrive, organs and plenty of attitude to go around.

All five of these tracks combine to make Alchemy in Waves a great offering from the Texas trio and well worth a listen (or twenty for that matter). Rock and roll is alive and well. You can check out this and Icons of Industry’s other recordings on Spotify, Band camp and their Facebook page.


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  • Roberto

    October 9, 2019 at 12:33 pm

    Hey Matthew, thanks for the review! Rock on!


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