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Tonight I want to talk with you, not about just a single band but about a GREAT place you can find a ton of ways to find out about your local music scene. A.K. Music Scene (which I often refer to as AK Media due to their abundance of media coverage for the scene) is there for not only local bands but those wanting to learn more about them. Based in the Pittsburgh area since 2004 their actual reach falls to other states as well and they do one of those unheard of things……free resources for musicians to get themselves out to the masses!! The PA Rock Show brings you live interviews with local bands and artists that you may already love or are just hearing about. Host Bill Domiano leads the conversation to include aspects of the band the audience wants to know and let’s the artists take over to give their personal views on music, their band and more. Each year he does a “State of the music scene” in which he chooses members of the scene to rate and discuss what’s happening and how things can be made better. (This is currently available on the site). Sometimes things are interesting….and sometimes just downright hilarious! As I took part in this years edition I can tell you the poor man was left with three hours of talking to edit but in among the fun was information for bands as well as those wanting to know about the scene in general. The unsigned Radio Station brings you all types of unsigned local music, and for bands – their only requirement is that you contact them to get on that list. That means that you can log on and check out all types of artists you might not know about, as well as that little happiness when it’s a band you already enjoy! Listening to the national bands can be great but this showcases just how talented our own area of the world is and since it’s free, you don’t have anything to lose! Podcast your scene gives you a selection of programs to check out on your own time. This is a great resource for all types of people as they don’t play only a certain type of music or prefer certain bands…it’s all about bringing the scene closer to those in the area who happen to enjoy music – and in one way or another that’s everybody. I’m happy to say that I provide articles under my Pen Name “Lady Jaye” so if you want a more in depth look as to my views on music, check that out under the folder “The Movement” and find tips in that folder on how to help bands and help for bands. Recently Doug Carnahan of After The Fall has been added to the lineup of hosts and John Lane of The Hellfire Club has been part of several interviews. A.K. Music Scene is for the music scene and brought to you by the music scene…..don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to get into the scene without leaving your house! Learn about the musicians, listen to the music & then go see them live to have a great time and make wonderful memories!! Bands interested in getting an interview or having their music played should follow the link below to contact them – easy to work with people who want to help you!



Lady Jaye

Jana Lee Macheca - Lady Jaye - Is the founder of First Angel Media as well as a photographer and writer for not only her own company, but Chimera Magazine out of New York. Passionate about music and driven to help the local scene she works to connect those within it, as well as working behind the scenes on various projects. You can find her photo collection at www.firstangel.smugmug.com

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