First Angel Media is about being part of something more than yourself through the connection of music. We create that connection, or sometimes simply remind our fans of it, through articles and photography designed to draw those who visit our page into the moment. From the stage light look of the First Angel Media logo, to the words written on our pages, we strive to create a positive feeling and emotional connection.

     Beginning in April 2016, as a Facebook page to help promote show listings, it grew quickly to become a place to find interviews, music reviews, photography and has developed into an online magazine for local area music. The acronym for the site (FAM) is what  it’s owner, Jana Lee Macheca, believes – No matter where, or what, the music is… We’re all part of one family. This idea has spawned positive writings under the label “The Movement”, as well as a networking group by the same name for area artists. Ms. Macheca, a.k.a. Lady Jaye, also does PR work with certain bands in the area, contributes to sister sites: AK Music SceneDevil Inside PromotionsPennsylvania Rock ShowPodcast Your Scene as well as partnering with the owners of those sites on the new project: Build The Scene, a radio station for unsigned artists and directory of Pittsburgh media companies. Her work through the nationally reaching Chimera Magazine , gives her an opportunity to place local bands into a spotlight that reaches far beyond our bridges.  

     Our articles are free of charge, our rates for photography are kept reasonable. For more information on any of the services you see provided please contact:




Owner/Writer/ Photographer – Jana Lee Macheca (Lady Jaye)

Contributing Editor – Dakota Horbaczek

Contributing Editor – Bill Domiano