A Look at the LyricsA Stellar New “Eclipse” by Caleb Straus featuring Felicia Patterson

Elizabeth AustinJanuary 19, 2022

This “A Look at the Lyrics” focuses on a new single, “Eclipse” crafted by our own Caleb Straus from Abilene, TX, featuring Felicia Patterson from Marble Falls, TX. The single, which is a nod to synthetic Gothic and pop, was released on December 4, 2021. This track is to appear on the unreleased Overnight Original Motion Picture Soundtrack and has very celestial and thought-provoking lyrics. One interesting fact is that the individual who inspired the song gave Straus the quotation at the end, and the quotation inspired the sequence of events leading to the song and the movie. Below are Straus’ and Pattersons’ insights on the single and the concept of the new movie, Overnight. Be sure to check out more on the project as well as other material from the artists!

Caleb Straus– “So “Eclipse” is the first single from the Overnight Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, also featuring among others, my band, EMZY ENZY, 9 Stitch Method, Seethe, MadClock, Ritual of Ether, Allen F. Turner, Sam Astaroth and Feast on the Fallen. I am writing and directing the film, and curating the soundtrack as well as providing the original score. The film deals with two star crossed lovers as they journey away from and back to each other over a period of 20 years, and come to a head at a mysterious, haunted, and malevolent building called The Overnight Hotel. The story is an allegory for an actual relationship in my life, and is in fact, the genesis of the very record label that’s putting the film and soundtrack out, Solunar Records. You’ll notice that sun and moon imagery pop up a lot in the music, and in the film. The label being called Solunar (Solar + Lunar) is not an accident. It’s all connected. You don’t have a lot of room to go into the whole story but in the coming weeks I’ll be appearing on BTMX, Build the Scene, and MadClock‘s podcast to explain more.”


Felicia Patterson– “I’ve never had a second thought when being asked by Caleb to collaborate on anything he’s put together. It was no different when he told me about the new song “Eclipse“. We discussed the overall feel of the song which he had described to me as lovers who do best together but shine separately just as strong. When we sat down to brainstorm the lyrics I’d be using, the visual of an hourglass stayed in my mind. Location isn’t always the blocker with people; sometimes time is. So, “I shattered the hourglass that kept us away” came to form. The sun signifies strength to me, and the moon holds mystery so they are the perfect representations of lovers who are legendary on their own, but when they come together… absolute magic. Or in our case, fire.”


Video created by Dead Dreamz



“Eclipse” by Caleb Straus feat. Felicia Patterson


First Verse

Caleb: I’m lost in our time

 Now becomes then Then becomes here

Primed, ready for war

Something familiar

A voice that’s so clear

Called back, back to a time

 When I was for you

And you were for me

This life, has thrown us around

And now once again

 You’re all that I see

 Hard to say I would’ve died that day

But that’s the truth, and now the truth’s no longer in the way,

I’m on a Ship wreck,

I don’t think I’ll make it and…

 Hands, legs, lips commence to shakin’ and…

Five years ago, I was a vagrant

Pretending to be sacred But locked inside a hatred

The devil didn’t take me I guess he couldn’t fake it

My fate’s a handful

But I can’t escape it If I lost you tomorrow all over again

How lost would I be

 But then I finally realize That I don’t need you

And you don’t need me



Yeah maybe, but when we come together it’s fire (Caleb and Felicia – chorus, repeat “fire “)

Second Verse

Felicia: I have crossed lines

Trying to find

A balance this time

Slipped, and fought to my place

I shattered the hour glass that kept us away

The shards sent a reminder

The scars are forever

There’s all now and no never

Content, I’m here in my space In control of this place, my choice is your fate


Caleb: Oh baby, and when we come together it’s fire Chorus: (Caleb and Felicia repeat “fire”)

Third Verse

Felicia: We Prevail,

 Like a phoenix from ashes Covered raw spots, with patches

 We walk on the sun

The moon calls to us sweetly

Promises us some peace

And waits for us to return

Caleb: It’s time I’m yours and you’re mine

 And yet we are separate entities

Isolate, and powerful I don’t need you and you don’t need me

(Felicia recites quote from anonymous): “Sometimes, I think of the sun and moon as lovers who rarely meet,

Always chase, and almost always miss one another

But every once in a while, they do catch up, and they kiss, and the world stares on awe at their Eclipse”

 Repeat Chorus, out…