ArticlesEditorialA Letter from the Lifestyle Editors- In- Chief to Start Off Your Summer!

Elizabeth AustinJune 7, 2022

Dear FAM Family,


It is hard to believe are ALREADY in the middle of the year! Time has definitely flown fast this year as always! Remember when we were waiting for the flowers to blossom in the spring and Alicia Lynn was talking about achieving her creative goals with confidence? Now, the flowers have bloomed just like Alicia’s amazing career and we are going outside for the beginning of the summer! You are probably looking for fun family- friendly activities (especially if you have children getting out of school for the summer!) and fortunately, we have some ideas!


This month, we are starting to add fresh content weekly and biweekly! Each Monday, we will have our “Motivational Mondays”. The tips will include a variety of topics to improve life. There will be an overview article including our tips at the beginning of each month. Saturdays will showcase our “Small Business Saturday” features to let you know unique discoveries out there! Interviews will also be featured every month, as always.  Another new feature that we have a new podcast show! Our new show, FAM to FAM, will be on every other Thursday at 7PM. The shows will consist of two hosts and a variety of guests and themes for each episode. We began last month with two shows: an overview- themed show to introduce the members of the Lifestyle Department and a department head- themed show to introduce the heads across the company. This month, our shows will consist of  multiple LGBTQIA+  topics to celebrate Pride Month!


Meanwhile, June brings on good vibes for the both of us. I, Elizabeth, think that this is an excellent month to start summer adventures. There are many good places out there that are inexpensive, yet give valuable experiences! Some whereabouts that I particularly enjoy going to in the summer include fairs, outdoor markets, parks, camping sites,  restaurants that offer outdoor seating, beaches, concerts, ships for mini (one to two hour long) cruises, yard sales, and let’s not forget about summer trips (if I can get them in my schedule)! I feel that this is also a good time to plan activities, such as gardening, cleaning, and some cooking on the grill! Reconnecting with family and friends during reunions, picnics, and parties is also great for the summer. Meanwhile, I, Philip, enjoy every activity with water. Summer is almost here and, for most of us that are parents, this is a season full of activity. Remember to always take time off for yourself this season, prioritize, and stay hydrated of course! A well- balanced life is particularly sweet in the summertime!


Overall, June symbolizes a time for adventure, exploration, and connections. No matter what your adventures, discoveries, and connections are, we hope that you find some that are meaningful. Are there any health and help tips you would like us to focus on for the future months ahead? We would love to hear from you and we wish you all a joyful June!




Elizabeth Austin and Philip Rockatansky

Editors- In- Chief