9 Stitch Method – Life After You

    Coming out of Pittsburgh, PA, 9 Stitch Method is a Progressive Alternative Metal band that recently released their album “Life After You”, a full twelve tracks of metal that finds the line between the divide of growls and actually understanding the lyrics, giving it a full sound that anyone who loves headbanging music will want to own.


    It’s good. It’s aggressive. It’s METAL. The end.


    On second thought, let’s go a little deeper. That’s not really the end, more like a teaser or starting with the end, much like 9 Stitch began their full length album. The first song “Crawling Part 1 (beginning within an ending) is a teaser as well. Just over one minute of a taste of what’s to come. Impressively, the band decided to go all the way with a well recorded full length rather than an EP and this really is some good stuff. While some people love metal but hate the growling sounds of the harder metal variety, vocalist Patrick McElravy finds a fine line of both lyrics and growls. Being a fan of both types I can comfortably say that this is going to be pretty  palatable for all metalheads. The driven sounds of Joshua Cloich’s lead guitarist lend to the sound that makes you want to stand up and take out some aggression. Mac does the beats but… Well… Mac is a programmed machine so he won’t mind not getting too much said about him.


    Metal is a form of music that has the ability to bring out the beast and 9 Stitch Method does that in spades with “Life After You”. Harmonious vocals mixed with energy and that intense feeling that makes the blood in your veins pump until you feel like the Incredible Hulk on steroids – ready to pull apart any obstacle in your way. It’s amazing that two men and a beat could create something like this but after hearing the  Full Album on their bandcamp page you’ll agree that they created a monster that needed to be unleashed. Currently this band is still laying their path through the music scene but I definitely want to be along for the ride and, if you do too, you should check out and hit the like button to follow them on their Facebook Page. Not only will you find the mixed growls and clear vocals of one madman and his guitarist, you’ll see some of the fun stuff that happens behind the scenes of the men who take all of their aggression out on their music. The recent video I’ve seen from their shows tells me that these guys don’t lose their touch on stage, choosing to go full force into everything they do.


   Like them, follow them, check out a show, but most of all enjoy. I think it’s safe to say you’re going to be hearing much more about 9 Stitch Method soon.

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