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Maria Michelle1 month ago265 min

We first saw 9 Stitch Method claw their way into our hearts about three years ago with their full length album, Life After You. Since then, their existence and atmosphere has grown! The progressive, alt metal band; now signed with Brutal Business Entertainment; is ending this savage year with the release of an almost equally savage track. I’m new to their music but instantly loved their sound and I think everyone would have to agree that this new single, called “Safe Haven”, is definitely another step in the right direction for their talents.

“Safe Haven” allows us to see even more clearly what the guys of 9SM are truly capable of. Yeti (Joshua Cloich), lead guitarist, starts us off with thrash-like shredding as Mac keeps a sick beat going. Patrick McElravy (Rooster) comes in soon after to guide us through the simply, poetic lyrics with smooth growls and intense screams. The guys really do a great job expressing the high energy and pain that you can visibly feel was fabricated into this badass track. The track also features the talents of Gus Wallner from You Think Music, who the band collabed with for production and Jim Taylor from JBTaylor Music who created the synth/electronic aspects of “Safe Haven”.

The single is being released Friday, December 11th, 2020 and though it is new to us, 9 Stitch Method actually composed the essence of it when they were doing the sessions for Jaywalking Somnabulist. They decided back then to omit it from that album and saved it, until now! I’m so pumped to be able to start streamingSafe Haven” which you’ll be able to listen to and watch the release video on YouTube starting today (December 11th) and on all of their other platforms, very soon!

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