M.U.S.E.Find Your MUSE: As I Speak – Mend

Anthony McDonoughDecember 16, 2022

One of the first artists to sign with Solunar Records, As I Speak is a solo hard rock project created by Zach Cunningham, and he just released his debut single “Mend”.

This one gets rocking right out the gate with hard riffs and pummeling drums, all guided by the raw vocals of Zach. The themes of the song as well as the video will hit home, and guys I know this won’t be an easy one. Especially for those who have watched a loved one battle cancer, only to lose the battle in the end. Dealing with the emotions and grief that are the result of all that. I can agree with the sentiment of F cancer! This song definitely is one that is intense, and for those who understand will definitely appreciate what it is about.

If you want to stream the single or add it to your playlist, you can do so here. The track will also feature on his upcoming EP slated to release in Spring of 2023.

You can check out more from As I Speak via Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, and Facebook.