Fan First3 Questions and a Song #045 Interview Session

3 Questions and a Song #045 Interview Session

Scarlet, an alternative artist from Scotland, joins Bill to tackle 3 questions and a song on episode 045!

What is one fact about Scarlet, that cannot be found anywhere on your social media presence?
What do you hope concert goers walk away with after attending one of your shows?
What are you doing in this time of Covid, in this time of lockdown, to interact with your fans to keep them abreast of all your new amazing material and what do you think other bands should be doing that they’re not currently doing during this time of lockdown. – asked by Fang of the Lords of the Trident in episode 044
About Scarlet
Genre: Alternative
Band Location: Scotland, United Kingdom
Alternative rock act Scarlet is a female solo artist from Scotland, UK. passionate about creating catchy songs with an edge and blending the light and darkness of life into her songwriting.

Where to find them:
About the Song, Locked In This City
Locked In This City, was written before and during lockdown, it’s about isolation and loneliness that’s felt living in a city especially in the current situation and yet it’s also about hope and the opportunity of setting fire to the past leaving it behind you, for a new beginning.