Fan First3 Questions and a Song #039 Interview Session

3 Questions and a Song #039 Interview Session

Arshenic is a rock/metal band from Poland. The music of Arshenic is inspired by such trends as art rock, alternative metal, progressive rock, goth metal, melodic metal and dark rock.

The name of the band is a reference to arsenic, which is a poison and also a cure. That duality can be easily heard in the group’s songs. A strong female charismatic image is the calling card of the band and the sound is mainly defined by the various types of female vocals, both singing and screaming, clean and distorted guitars, diverse bass parts and dynamic drum playing with a little flavour of electronics, cellos and orchestral sounds in the background.

Arshenic’s lyrics cover topics like individualism, self-expression and inner emotional states and are written mostly in a dark poetic manner.