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The morbid Yakuza known as Church of Misery have been at large for around 24 years, with only bassist Tatsu Mikami remaining since the day they were born in blood and decided to dedicate their careers to musically documenting the lives and crimes of the very real ghouls that have walked among us. These samurai of doom were to play Pittsburgh once before in 2013 only to be halted by visa restrictions, making this underground...


Royal Honey have been slinging, raw, dirty, fun, retro hard rock for almost a year now, and their debut EP, Hype, Money, and Misbehavior is set to drop tomorrow night at a record release show at Howler’s Coyote Café upon the stroke of ten. While they may be a new group, what this quintet has recorded thus far makes them sound as if they are a decades-old veteran act. Opener “Dirty Romance” gets the party...


On the seventh of June, the greater Pittsburgh area gained a new concert venue tailored towards locals. The inaugural show at Broken Plow combined the efforts of First Angel Media, Three Rivers Music Therapy, Creatures and Creep Rods, and Broken Plow Western Martial Arts, and acted as a benefit for Soothing Sensations Music Therapy Groups. The venue itself is located off of route 28 in Creighton, PA. The building was once used as a church,...


Seven – Vision/Down Progressive/Alt Metal Atlanta, GA This week’s Find Your Muse(ic) features prog-rocker Seven and his new single Vision/Down. Seven offers us a familiar yet refreshing take on some prog tinged alt metal and a glimpse of what’s to come off of his upcoming album. If you dig the grooves of metallic prog like Sydonia, Tool, and The Deftones mixed with the goth pop melodies of the Depeche Mode, you are in for a treat.


  When the spidery riffage and bombast of Coheed and Cambria’s “The Dark Sentencer” clashed with the spiraling mist and blustery wind of an unseasonably gloomy and crisp June evening, I was reminded of how formidable this prog-metal band is and how ferocious and proud they are as a live act as they eschewed their lighter material almost completely. Even poppier fare such as “A Favor House Atlantic” possessed tremendous bite as leader Claudio Sanchez...


In the mood to get some angst out with some croon and swoon? Libson, Ohio alternative rockers Three Vultures may just be the fix you’re looking for. They have recently dropped their new album Rebirth and they are aiming for the heartstrings and jugular. Rebirth rocks likes the best parts of 2003. Bearing a heavy post grunge/nu metal sound, you get a pretty good idea what Three Vultures has to offer with bands like Smile Empty Soul,...


Slough Feg have no parallel in modern metal. They take the obscure gems of the NWOBHM and use them to build new suits of armor while lead by a philosopher/axe warrior/brainac cult leader. I was both mesmerized and astonished by Slough Feg at 2014’s edition of the Alehorn of Power festival in Chicago. Meeting frontman/guitarist Mike Scalzi was like having a brush with a hero of myth. Trying to photograph him was like trying to...


Some amazing photos from last week’s Women Who Rock event at Stage AE. The night featured a wonderful array of sponsors, vendors, and raffles, and all proceeds went to women’s health research. The live entertainment consisted of DJ Jess (not pictured), The Sounds of Pittsburgh Chorus, Lyndsey Smith, Melina Bowser, and headliner “The Queen of Percussion” Sheila E.! Photography by Amanda Baker     Sounds of Pittsburgh Chorus         Lyndsey Smith  ...


Pittsburgh alt metal guitarist Andy Oddo has been a rather busy man in recent years. His current project (Victoria Fire) have released a promising demo as they gear up to hit the stage. Today we are going to look at something different from Mr. Oddo though…..a little gem he released in the back half of 2018 titled Forever and a Day. While not reinventing the wheel, Forever and a Day certainly is a refreshing take...

FAM is a Pittsburgh, PA based music media company that’s all about the personal, emotional and social experience of music. The internet is awesome for finding music – living it is better! We’re bringing you professional photos from shows, articles, videos and more to remind you that your weekend doesn’t have to be spent here in the virtual world but with people who have at least one thing in common with you – a shared taste for music. Music media has been done before, but we flipped the script and concentrate on the stuff you haven’t seen yet – the local and regional bands that aren’t just a name on a billboard and a face on a stage. You’re probably still going to find some national level stuff happening around the Pittsburgh area but that’s because when they come to town, they’re part of our family… and once upon a time they were a local band from somewhere.

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