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Caynug’s “Mental Junkyard” is a don’t miss!!

Coming from across the pond in Germany, Caynug has recently dropped a mammoth of an album titled “Mental Junkyard”. With amazing production and stellar songwriting spanning across multiple genres, “Mental Junkyard” is another notch in the belt of an already excellent catalog for Caynug. “Mental Junkyard” plays out like a soundtrack in the mind of […]

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The Expendables – “Winter Blackout Tour” at the Rex Theater Pittsburgh, PA

An amazing time was had by all when the Winter Blackout: The Yeti Strikes Back tour stopped at the Rex Theater recently. Good times and great freaking music but who would have thought it would be anything less with bands like The Expendables, BALLYHOO!, Kash’d Out, Keystone Vibe, and Amplified.!! This tour still has dates […]