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One could classify The Melvins as grunge or hardcore or sludge or affix the tricky label alt. metal to their leathery hides, but as evidenced at yet another Rex Theater stand, there’s bits of prog in that soup along with blues and classic rock. With two bassists in the fold, The Melvins rumble as never before, trotting out prehistoric slammers that borrow as much from The MC5 as they do from Black Sabbath and Hellhammer, wattage...


It was a turbulent, gloomy Saturday night. Storms had hampered the Millvale Music Festival as other semi-famous groups such as Rival Sons were in town also happened to be in town, but in an old, decrepit forgotten building left untouched by Lawrenceville gentrification, one punk band and three fervent NWOBHM revivalist acts set what is now known as “The New Shop” ablaze with the same magical fire that once burned in London decades ago. Eel...


  It is as if there is a friendly rivalry going on between Bullet For My Valentine and Trivium, two bands that parallel each other in style, influence, and charisma. Each group repurposes old thrash and NWOBHM, plating them with a chrome sheen, something that makes them controversial in certain metal circles. There are those who would say that both bands are entirely commercial, their photogenic, heartthrob frontmen, high production values, and big arena choruses...


     Cattivo might as well have been Megiddo as four bands channeling the Horsemen of the Apocalypse laid waste to each other and around 300 astonished devotees in the packed basement club, punishing the world with four divergent takes on death metal. On this night, all four bands eviscerated, something that’s not always the case.      The first band up, Delaware’s own Scorched , were insanely innovative and riff-driven, bubonic chords that could...


Soulfly can be a divisive act. There are three tribes: those who will not give Soulfly their time, those who prefer the early Soulfly, and those who prefer that latter day Soulfly. I can recall the rank smell of disappointment of the entirely overhyped nu-metal that was the debut and a few records after that but have watched and listened to the band grow into an almost idealized modern Sepultura, a band that is still...

FAM is a Pittsburgh, PA based music media company that’s all about the personal, emotional and social experience of music. The internet is awesome for finding music – living it is better! We’re bringing you professional photos from shows, articles, videos and more to remind you that your weekend doesn’t have to be spent here in the virtual world but with people who have at least one thing in common with you – a shared taste for music. Music media has been done before, but we flipped the script and concentrate on the stuff you haven’t seen yet – the local and regional bands that aren’t just a name on a billboard and a face on a stage. You’re probably still going to find some national level stuff happening around the Pittsburgh area but that’s because when they come to town, they’re part of our family… and once upon a time they were a local band from somewhere.

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