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Patrick McElravy1 year ago4654 min

Feast on the Fallen


No Saviors


Pittsburgh Zombie-core act Feast on the Fallen/ are back at it again with their new Ep “No Saviors”. With better production and matured songwriting, Feast have come back to stomp and pillage all within their path.

With an intro track and 3 news songs, Feast on the Fallen doesn’t waste time getting down to business. “No Savior” plays out like a zombie flick that terrifies and keeps the blood pumping. The intro track starts off with what sounds like a someone digging a grave out in the woods while their victim groans in agony, leading right into the first real track “Boneyard”. Murky, chromatic riffage and brutal gutterals slam their way through “Boneyard”, leaving the listener in a pool of their own blood. The band does an excellent job of locking in the groove for this mid-paced affair of zombie debauchery, combining elements of downtempo and hardcore. Next track “Killing Intent”, we see the band pick up the pace and really flex their skills. Bassist Kareem Maize and Drummer Pat Kuntz do one hell of a job on leading the assault on this track. Swaying in and out of different time changes, they provide serious low end groove and backbone to the aural assault. Sole axeman Steve Zanavich really flexes his fret board dexterity on this track. With a well placed Kerry King inspired guitar solo and technical riffs, he really elevates this track to another level while vocalist Randy Cole roars like a caged up lion. Overall a very solid track from these guy. Closing out the Ep the band leaves us with “Jawsplitter”, a rather good meshing of the before mentioned tracks style wise. Keeping the pace up with catchy- death metal inspired riffs then backing off for heavy palm muted riffs change the pace nicely on this track.

While being a short Ep, “No Saviors” definitely has replay value. While the songs can start to sound the same in places, Feast does a good job of mixing it up and keep you coming back for more overall. The band has definitely stepped and matured since their last release “Hatemonger”, and I look forward to seeing the bands continuing growth. Be sure to pick up a copy of “No Saviors” if you like a little hardcore and beatdown in your death metal.

Patrick McElravy

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