Music ReviewsReign of Z has come out with a brand new single and…. Damn….

Jana Lee MachecaMarch 1, 2019

Reign of Z is one of the bands we’ve had the pleasure of following from the very beginning. We’ve watched them form, do their first shows, grow as performers and now… the results of hard work and dedication to their craft speak for themselves. We couldn’t be more proud to share the new single they just dropped today – “Reflections” from their soon to be released album “Mirrors and Memoirs”

Reign of Z has just taken that giant leap in their music. No longer a really great band, they’ve leveled up to go wherever they want in the national leagues.

Want to see this live? There’s a few ways to do that… One is coming up soon here on FAM but you can contact the bands playing the Reign of Z Release Party at Mr. Smalls Funhouse in Pittsburgh PA – Winter’s Descent, Arcane Haven or Oceans to Ash

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