Nightwish at Stage AE

     A flute from Troy Donockley wistfully opened this lengthy set commemorating two decades plus of female-led symphonic power metal’s breakthrough band, Nightwish. Amazonian singer Floor Jansen effectively exorcised the ghosts of frontwomen past with her remarkable pipes and authoritative yet cordial and almost playful stage presence, her seraphic vocals at times dueling with Marco Hietala’s sinister stylings. Emppu Vuorinen and Tuomas Holopainen had their own Blackmore/Carey/Malmsteen/Johanssen-style fight to the finish as arpeggios raced, keys sparkled, and drum and bass collaborated to at times merge dance rhythms to pounding, crunchy gothic metal. An enthusiastic and sizable crowd feasted on the band’s energy, respectably showing that there is an eager audience for a subgenre that quite often doesn’t get the respect it deserves.


     A Nightwish concert is a fantasy flight on a winged steed, an evening at the opera during which stories are told, shooting stars tattoo the deep blue sky, loves are unrequited, dragons soar, and magic weaves its way into the lives of all if only for couple of hours.

*Photo credit unknown – Source, public events listing for Nightwish Tour Dates

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