Half Wheel – a review of their latest, self titled album, and a look at the minds behind it.

    Half Wheel is a two piece instrumental band that brings together the existing talents of Jazz Byers and Sean Nestor. Originating in Pittsburgh, PA, and often seen teamed together in their heavier band, Homicide Black, Half Wheel seems to be the lighter creative side of two of the best known members of the Pittsburgh music scene. In live performances these guys show how much they love their work with a fun vibe, smiles, and the occasional breaking into rockstar mode that keeps the audience delighted and thrilled. With only two members, Half Wheel keeps a full sound to their music with the roles Jazz Byers plays – guitar, bass, drums and Strumstick. In liver performance they add Mike Hammer (Bass) and Jamie Linhart (Drums) to the mix to keep that sound going.


    Their recent self titled album features ten tracks that take you on a journey through the heart and mind. The very first track “Holidays” sets the stage with a warm tone that brings, to my mind, vision of warm weather travels. Not surprising, really, as Jazz is an avid cyclist whose fans and friends follow his travels. “Maybe Someday” features fellow musician, and long time friend, Anthony Leone (Silk9) as an additional lead guitar. This track, as well as “Tunnels”, has less of a dreamer vibe and more of an edgy, rock feel to it.  “Flashin’ Quarters” brings some soaring guitar to the table, showcasing Sean’s ability to grab a listener’s attention with his talent and tone. He’s certainly one of those musicians who is able to place his emotion into his sound and make your heart leap or break, depending on the song. With the final song of the album, “11:11” he pulled a soft sadness from me that laid over otherwise upbeat drums, by the end of the song I wanted to listen to the whole album again.


    Half Wheel is a whole lot of awesome, their first album, “Ride”, was the soundtrack to Jazz Byers movie “Bicycling on the Southern Tier”, and these guys are often busy at Rattle Clack Entertainment’s studio, recording these full length albums that explore the secret sides of their minds. Check them out https://www.reverbnation.com/halfwheel and see for yourself how a two piece instrumental was recently able to take over Reverbnation’s #2 spot in their category. Like Facebook better? Don’t forget to like their page at https://www.facebook.com/HalfWheelBand/ to stay updated on their music and shows!

Photo credit: Reina Peli

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